The "ConQuest" is a big larp event for 6000 Players and about 1500 Fulltime NPCs and Tribe-actors that is taking place every year in August. Together, all participants fill the fantastic continent "Mythodea" with life and try to solve the over 1000 plotstrings full of riddles and adventures that put their wits and skills to the test. Whatever they do - this directly influences the story and future of Mythodea, to a good or a bad way.


Ever thought about how it would be like to be either the shiny knight going to battle in full armour or be the damsel courted by all the brave warriors? If you want to give it a try, you are at the right spot to try the new livestyle hobby "Live Adventure" where you can live your dreams.
Our team builds fantasy worlds, in a place inmidst Germany. Filled with elaborate props and scenes, effects and masked extras in the thousands. A fantasy world that you can explore. Meet fascinating characters, party in medieval taverns or try your skills in swordfights - leaving behind all everyday problems for 5 days during this event.

The ConQuest 2017 is a 5-day event for self-caterer with their own tent, taking place from August 02rd to 06th 2017.

It is located on the premises of the small village of Brokeloh near Hannover City. Arrival and buildup of your encampment is on August 2rd. Later that day, with the evening beginning, the Gamemasters will hold a small speech that starts the game. Early Arrival is possible and starts on sunday July 30th. You can find the ticket fees here...

To impersonate a medieval role, you need to bring with you the appropriate costume. This can range from a cheap beginners equipment out of selfmade loose shirts, cloak and trousers that do not cost more than about 30-40 EUR. Of course, there is always room for more and depending on your taste, you can get more professional made equipment that is a little more expensive than that.

Weapons, scrolls, Armour, Mug or writing utensils - depending on what you try to impersonate, choice is up to you what you add to your costume. There is only a few things that you should not do - like wearing neon coloured clothes, sneakers, watches or mobile phones. This can seriously disturb the ambience we are trying to create. And: Not having your phone or watch with you definitly raises your recreation factor - forgetting about time, just getting fully immersed.

If you just don't know which role to play - please have a look at the single pages about the camps you can choose in the game or chat with all the others in the forum for this event.

For the duration of the event, you are sleeping in your own tent at a camp that you have chosen. The tent should have a mediaval ambience. In case this is not possible for you, you can always disguise the looks of a modern tent with white bedsheeds or else. In case you need some advice, please do not hesitate to ask older players in the forum. There too you can ask in case you dont have any tent. Some player offer sleeping places in their tents. Please note that we assign each participant a maximum of 15 qm tent area. The total area and space of a ward is calculated from these numbers. There will be a special form on our website next spring to sign up for a specific ward. It will also be possible to switch between Banners. Whoever did not sign up for a specific ward until the start of the event will automatically be placed in one of the public wards.

Food & Drink
All player and NPCs are self-caterers during the event. Within camps and the other playgrounds you may only start a fire in extra designated fireplaces or in your brazier that does not touch the ground. In all cases there is the rule to watch for the proper distance to bushes or trees. Additionally, you can buy many different mediaval or exotic snacks and drinks within the big "Ingame City". On top of that, you'll find there merchants that sell anything from weapons to armours and gadgets you might need. And all the taverns are located there - open nearly 24/7 and always filling your mug with many different non- and alcoholic drinks.

Shower and Toilet
During the event, you can find in many places of the premises toilet and shower containers that get cleaned every day by special personal. Additionally, there are extra rows of Porta-Johns everywhere, so that you'll never have to walk far. Please keep always in mind that you will have to bring your own toilet paper - this will not be provided.

There are designated parking areas where you can leave your car during the event. There will be no parking fees and you can of course always get your car to go shopping etc.

Driving on the event-site and the parking lot is at your own risk. The event parking area is not guarded.

Parking outside of designated parking areas is prohibited. Any vehicle illegally parked will be towed away at the owner's expense

Event premises
Like every year, the event takes place on the 60 hectare (150 acre) fields of the farm "Rittergut Brokeloh". This historical manor is owned by the Family Niemeyer since more than 400 years. It is located in the small village of Brokeloh, about 50 km from the City of Hannover, State of Lower Saxony.

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