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Live Adventure Event GmbH


...to the homepage of our Larp event
"Chroniken von Mythodea" (Chronicles of Mythodea),
a 4-day Action-Adventure-Liveroleplay.

This event takes place from 28. April to 01. May 2018
at the "Utopion" (Bexbach, Germany).

Ticket presale is closed.
It is no problem to come spontaneously to the "Chronicles of Mythodea 2018".
The fee at the gates is 10,- Euro additional to the regular ticket price.

The CvM - Facts 2018 as PDF for download: https://www.live-adventure.de/cvm/facts_cvm2018_englisch.pdf


"Quihen Assil… they bleed as we do.
And everything that bleeds can die!"

- Vergil Silvanus, Forsaken scientist

"Mother, fallen star, Worldchild.
Everything I do, I do out of love to you"

- Orphaliot, founder of the Tivar Khar'assil


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