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ConQuest 2019 - General Information

General information at a glance.

The ConQuest 2019 is a 5-day event for self-caterer with their own tent, taking place from July 31st to August 04th 2019 in Brokeloh, near Hannover

Arrival and buildup of your encampment is on July 31st. Later that day, with the evening beginning, the Gamemasters will hold a small speech that starts the game. Early Arrival is possible and starts on sunday July 28th.
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The "ConQuest" is a big larp event for 6000 Players and about 1500 Fulltime NPCs and Tribe-actors that is taking place every year in August. Together, all participants fill the fantastic continent "Mythodea" with life and try to solve the over 1000 plotstrings full of riddles and adventures that put their wits and skills to the test. Whatever they do - this directly influences the story and future of Mythodea, to a good or a bad way.

Ever thought about how it would be like to be either the shiny knight going to battle in full armour or be the damsel courted by all the brave warriors? If you want to give it a try, you are at the right spot to try the new livestyle hobby "Live Adventure" where you can live your dreams.
Our team builds fantasy worlds, in a place inmidst Germany. Filled with elaborate props and scenes, effects and masked extras in the thousands. A fantasy world that you can explore. Meet fascinating characters, party in medieval taverns or try your skills in swordfights - leaving behind all everyday problems for 5 days during this event.