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Further Events:

Merchants in the Retinue Banner

Merchants on the ConQuest

It smells like freshly prepared treats, busy bustle in the streets. Where is the best armor in the Retinue Banner, where can you find the sharpest sword, the most insidious dagger? Perhaps it should also be sparkling jewelery for the lady, the finest twine in all of Mythodea, a relaxing time out with fellow combatants in the Tub  or simply a delicious beer  to the conclusion of a successful battle?Then you are in the merchant city in the Retinue Banner just right!

Numerous merchants from the remotest corners of Mythodea come together to offer their exquisite goods and delicacies. They invite you to rummage through their lovingly designed stalls and displays, to try armor, to test weapons and to do something good for your palate. For what would be a great Host without its Retinue without the smiths who sharpened the arms, without the traders who would provide supplies, or the taverns, which would make the war forget a few hours?

Merchant registration for ConQuest 2020 is possible from the end of November 2019.