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Further Events:

Dear community,

Due to the health risks caused by the Corona Pandemic, and the resulting government restrictions, none of our events this year will be able to take place at the planned time. 

With a heavy heart we have therefore decided, as previously indicated, to cancel the events.
An option is to convert your old tickets for 2020 as equivalent new tickets for 2021, instead of a voucher (see below).

The new dates are:

Chroniken von Mythodea 2021: 29.04.2021 - 02.05.2021

Jenseits der Siegel 2021: 01.06.2021 - 06.06.2021

ConQuest 2021: 04.08.2021 - 08.08.2021

We thank you for your patience and understanding! The unbelievable support and the great encouragement of the last weeks has really helped us a lot.

Let's get through this together and when all this is behind us, start a gigantic party!

Stay healthy!

Best wishes,

Tobei, Kattl, Eva, Ruth, Lester, Julian, Philipp, Marc and Markus

Course correction on tickets and events due to upcoming change of German law (Currently a lot is changing from a legal standpoint)
We need to clarify what this change means for us and especially for You, the customer:

The events of 2020, planned by Live Adventure Event GmbH, are not postponed but cancelled. This means we are not organizing the 2020 events in 2021.
Instead the events in 2021 have to be considered as their own new events, not an event moved from 2020 into 2021.

We are also implementing the voucher solution for events that cannot take place. This is on account of the new aforementioned law that is being discussed by the German legislator.

What does this mean for You, who has purchased a ticket?
You now have two options:

1. We will provide You with a simple, clickable solution on in the next few weeks.
In accordance with the legal requirements applicable at that time by German law, this will create the option to convert the ticket into a shopping voucher on which can be redeemed at any time. This voucher will then allow you to purchase our products, which will be listed at a reduced price on

2. We have already confirmed the option to convert Your old tickets for 2020 as equivalent new tickets for 2021, instead of a voucher. This means whoever already has an old ticket would not need to buy a new one. In this respect nothing has changed, this option still remains. He/she then has a new valid ticket for the equivalent events in 2021.

We ask for Your understanding and patience and would like to thank You once again for the great support throughout the last weeks.

Stay healthy!