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Further Events:

Hello everybody!

We take the Corona virus very seriously. As of today we do not know if the ConQuest can take place.
There is still a lot of time until August and to make a statement now for months to come is not appropriate in this rapidly progressing situation, from our point of view.

We will inform You in June, as the situation may have changed by then, whether we will postpone the ConQuest. Until then we will wait calmly. If we have to postpone the ConQuest, Your tickets will of course remain valid.

You will probably have a lot of questions - please give us a few days to be able to give You proper answers. We will collect all Your questions and then issue a FAQ - so that everyone is informed. Thank you! Together we can do it!

We wish You strength in these turbulent times and to stay calm.
Let us prevail through these turbulent times together!

Your Live Adventure Team