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Further Events:

LARP mit!

Roleplay along!

The "Larp mit!" campaign has been initiated by Live Adventure in order to raise the quality and quantity of actual roleplaying at our events. It is supposed to counteract the tendency of LARPs with more than a few thousand participants to "degenerate" towards the feeling of a festival, which we believed is caused mostly by the dynamics of huge groups of people.

Goals of the project

Some years ago, an unwanted development started to take hold of ConQuest and threatened the whole concept of a large roleplay event: The trend, "not to play".

We are talking about both players and non-players who have begun to regard ConQuest rather as a kind of festival, a renaissance fair where you would wear kit instead of an actual roleplaying event. Those individuals often attract negative attention by not interacting or not joining in on the roleplaying and instead even just drinking and going into battles for the fighting only. Granted, probably due to its size, Conquest has a bit of a festival character to it but to try and take the fun out of it is not our intention.

The ConQuest: a Live Action Role Playing event!

We as the organizers of this event have made it our goal to make ConQuest a Live Action Role Playing event that is festival-size, not a festival-size party in costumes. This includes everything that makes LARP great: adventure, ambience, a lively and in-depth IG (in-game) world to explore with a plotline that grips you, yet offers even beginners an easy way in, leaving room for our players' and non-players' ideas.

As always, when a few thousand people are trying to accomplish something together, there have to be a few basic rules. These are made manifest on the one hand by our IG-world itself and on the other in our binding system of game rules.

Setting up a camping-chair by the battle-site and reacting to subsequent roleplaying (a.k.a. "Fly, you fool!" or being attacked ) by saying "I'm here OOG, just to watch" does not only violates the rules, but in our opinion goes against the grain of the event's actual purpose. Thus, such and similar behaviour will not be tolerated during ConQuest and our other roleplaying events!

Also, in this case "the customer is king" is not quite applicable, since we expect our players and non-players to know what they signed up for in the first place. If people at a football match suddenly want to see some tennis played, there will still be no rackets on the green.


During ConQuest 2011 our team of "referees", the game masters, have for the first time been actively and deliberately trying to make ConQuest all about the roleplaying again.
This is not something to be achieved overnight or by the game masters simply preaching it, but it had to be something that would focus on every single attendant. We needed your support, we needed you to be aware of this idea and our common goal.

That's why there was a great deal of info and even some events to promote "Larp mit!" beforehand. That's why the crew and NPCs were especially made aware of the intentions.

Preliminary Evaluation

It was never our intention to make Conquest an OOG-free zone within a single year, but to start a positive trend that’ll allow Conquest to stay a roleplaying event (or even redevelop into one) over the coming years. Today, looking back at Conquest 2011 and all the discussions online or even the many jokes that “Larp mit!” has spawned, I am sure that the idea has arrived in the minds of many players.

No matter the many jokes, the critique of the project itself or the worries about the future of Conquest or LARP as a whole - the problem of “not-roleplaying” at roleplaying events is finally being actively dealt with!