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Further Events:

Orga and GM

On this page we need to say a few words about our team - how it works, how you can benefit from knowing it's structur and how we want you and them to interact with each other.

Orga and Gamemasters

Since our core is a German team (and is made out of German LARPers) we first need to talk about terms that can't be easily translated.

Germans tend to use the term "orga" of a LARP and "SL" (which is German vor GM and mean almost the same - the creators and Game Masters of a LARP event. Since most Germans also know the callsign "GM" this article will from now on always use "GM/SL".

Our events on the other hand are a little bigger than the average LARP and that's why at ConQuest (as well as our other events) we differentiate between orga and GM/SL. The first (often also called Support-Crew) are a team of people who have no direct contact to whatever happens IN the game (or IC if you prefer). They fix everything "behind the curtain" while the GM/SL will tend to your every need and question. Depending on which of our events you are, these two teams will wear shirts of different colour (see below).

But there is one more faction that we need to distinguish: the host. For "ConQuest", "Beyond the Seals" as well as "Chronicles of Mythodea" this is Live Adventure Event GmbH. Although all employees are also present at every one of it's events, we nevertheless try to distinguish between "orga", "GM/SL-team" and "host".

This being said, please remember that every orga or crewmember as well as every GM/SL are assistants to the host and therefor have absolute authority on site. While at one of the events, our team might not always be right at what they order you to do but they will always have the final say in any matter concerning the play or your arrival/departure. And in case something went completely wront - it's always the host's fault. Never blame the GM/SLs or orga

GM/SL as part of the game

Most of the time at our events you will be in contact with the Game Masters. Every single GM/SL on site will try to make it the best LARP you ever visited. But although they seem as if they want to fulfill your every wish, please always remember that it's their holiday too. None of them get paid for what they do - instead they just enjoy spending their free time by creating the perfect LARP experience for everyone.

LARP is more than experiencing an adventure (as a PC. It is also the depiction and presentation of the story and world (by NPCs as well as the creation and orchestration of said story by the GM/SL. The GM/SL is therefor part of this story. Maybe not as a protagonist but as storyteller behind the curtains. This symbiosis of PC, NPC and GM/SL is sometimes called the LARP-triangle (see chart).



Shirt colours

At ConQuest, GM/SLs wear white shirts clearly labeled "SL". They are your first and primary contact for every question and problem you might have. Our orga-crew (including fotographers, runners, caterers as well as our make-up-, props- and headquarter staff) can be recognized by their olive-coloured shirts. They, as well as our team of coordinators (wearing dark-blue and black shirts) should better not be disturbed since they probably can't help you anyway :-).