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Further Events:

Languages at the ConQuest

All our events have one thing in common: a colorful and diverse group of players from all over Europe and even guests from around the world. This obviously increases the importance of languages (the real ones, not in-game languages).

We as organizers expect English and German to be both used as "common tongue". Obviously, there will be a lot more German because most our players are German native speakers. But we strive to have English established as a second primary language.

The following text is mostly for our German native speakers. But since we want our international guests to know what we expect of the Germans, we translated it for you.

English & German within the game

The characters you play obviously recognize English and German as two different languages within the game-world. But we ask you to use both in-game if you are able to do so. Please do not make your character not understand one of them if YOU are able to speak it. This has - in our opinion - nothing to do with character-play but is simply social exclusion.

We also do not appreciate storys about what those languages are in game (for example one being the language of the Barbarians or the Foreigners, etc.). This would automatically create unwanted connotations as well as judgment. Just use both languages as common tongues and try to connect with other players who might not be able to join play in German.

What about other languages?

The same is true about other languages (Dutch, French, etc.) as well, although we do not expect them to be used as widely as German and English. Nevertheless: Whoever wants to use languages in game does not need to "buy" the according skill with his character.

Our website is also completely available in English and German. Sadly, this is not possible with most in-game-texts and books since there simply is not enough time to translate them all. We again strive to offer crucial texts in English as well every year (e.g. Legends & Myths or bulletin notes).

Our GM team is also planned accordingly. Every banner and camp should have a large number of bilingual GMs (English/German). We try to place GMs with additional language-skills in camps with corresponding groups, too. But a satisfactory support aside from English and German can not be guaranteed.

Camp speeches

Last but not least a plea towards all leaders and commanders: every camp has groups of players, who are not German native speakers. We would gladly welcome it if you would consider to adress them as well in your speeches (maybe by use of a translator).

Experience from previous years clearly shows, that it is sufficient if you repeat the gist at the end in English. A full translation is always nice but most would be happier if EVERY speech would at least be summarized.

We know - that's a lot to ask of you. But in return you'll meet a lot of new players and get unique insights into the roleplaying-culture of different countries. And that's an opportunity, one should not ignore while at the world's largest LARP, right? :-)

Common Mythodea / Kelriothar terms


Alte Herrscher Ancient Rulers
Armee des Zweifels Army of Doubt
Banner Banner
Banner Rat Council of Banners
B. der Einheit Unity Banner
B. der Eisernen Adamant Banner
B. der Entdecker Explorer's Banner
B. der Freien Freedom Banner
B. des Trosses Retinue Banner
Dienervolk Servantkind
Eisern Adamant
Eiserner Eid Adamant Oath
Elementgebundene Element-Bound
Elementvolk Elemental Nation
Geliebtes Kind Beloved Child
Gesellschaft d.Zw. Society of Doubt
Großer Heerzug Great Host
Heereswacht The Watch
Herr der Gerechtigkeit Lord of Justice
Herold Herald
Herren der Tiefe Lords of the Deep
Kinder des Goldenen Traumes Children of the Golden Dream
Kristallfürsten Crystal Lords
Leere Void
Makel des Zweifels Stain of Doubt
Ölige Pestilenz Oily Pestilence
Pakt der Neun Pact of Nine
Ratio Ratio
Rote Jademeister Scarlet Jademasters
Scherbenpunkt Shardrift
Schwarzes Eis Black Ice
Smaragdsänger Emerald Voices
Spiegelherren Mirrorlords
Spiegelpunkt Mirrorrifts
Spiegelwelt Mirrorworld
Töchter der Tugend Daughters of Virtue
Traumdorn Dreamspike
Untotes Fleisch Undead Flesh
Urzweifler Primordial Sceptics
Verfemte Forsaken
Viertel Quarter
Waffenmeister Champion
Weltenbrand Worldfire
Weltenkinder Eternal Ones
Weltenrat World Council
Weltenschmiede Worldforge