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Further Events:

Playtime and Off-Time

Playtime and Off-Time

LARP generally seperates in "in-game" or "in-context" (IC) versus "out-of-game" or "out-of-context" (OOC/OC). Everything within the story - the characters you play, the costumes and your acting is of course IC (meaning: part of the game). Everything else - your real self, your mobile phone and everything your character would not do, know or own is OC (= not part of the game). The German abbrevations (you might hear a lot) are "IT" for IC and "OT" for OC and stand for "in-time" vs. "out-time".

That said, there are two simple rules for all our LARP events:

  1. From the start of the game (usually Wednesday or Thrusday evening) until the end (Sunday morning) there is continuous play. There are no breaks or "time-freezes".
  2. Exempt from this are only the sanitary facilities (toilets, showers, etc.) as well as the GM areas.

What should I do if I need a break from play?

If for some reason you need a break from play please withdraw to your own tent or towards an area that is clearly marked as OC. Please do not urge or force others into being OC and try to avoid creating a "OC bubble".

We want to emphasize that your own tent is of course your privat space. No NPC (and hopefully no PC as well) will enter your tent without invitation. To remove something from another persons tent without explizit permission is considered stealing and not in-game thievery (see the concept text on Thief's Play for more details). But of course you are free to decorate your tent and make it available to others or the public if you do not need an area to retreat to.

Please note: You should refrain from hiding important items (artefacts, stuff you looted or even other players/NPCs that are in danger) in your tent just because you know the enemy is not allowed to search it. They are forbidden to do this due to OC reasons, not because your tent is the safest place on the world.

What is "off-time"?

That's what we call periods of "reduced play" and they usually cover every night from 3 to 8 am. Within these timeframes our GMs and NPCs will reduce the amount of action and activities of your surroundings. This should in no way hinder you from staying in character or even stop your play. It is also not implied in any form that the story will stop or pause. But even the villains need to take a break every now and then (IC as well as OC) as well as the GMs.

For urgent problems and emergencies be assured that a small event crew is awake around the clock. And don't take it as guaranteed taht there wont be trouble at 5am just because most GMs and NPCs sleep. The IC world does not sleep nor do your enemies. But we will usually refrain from all out attacks and large battles at that time.

How does the adventure end?

The story and play end Sunday morning at the latest. Depending on the story and events during the play, the adventure might end earlier (usually Saturday night). Please keep in mind that a lot of participants need to leave Sunday morning so we need a fair amount of GMs to take care of the check-out-process. And since those GMs need to sleep as well, we have to close the story at some point during the evening/night before.

Nevertheless we aim to achieve a well balanced end of the adventure on Saturday night (but please remember: "well balanced" does not necessarily mean "successful and positive for the players"). The rest of the night you can either spend sleeping or celebrating IC or OC.

All areas we provide (taverns, merchants, shops - if available) will continue to be accessible and in-game. If you or your group wants to party OC please stay at your own campsite and refrain from disturbing others who still play IC.

Last but not least an important please: Usually, your characters are celebrating on the last night - because they won or survived or even both. But please be considereate of your surroundings - especially in the outside Banners (= all but the Retinue / Tross). In the tent a couple of meters away might sleep a fellow player who needs to leave tomorrow and has a long journy ahead of him!