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Equipment Advice

Many Heroes ask theirself: "What do i have to bring with me, to travel in Mythodea?". Here some tipps, what is good to have with you.


  • Ticket
  • Cash
  • Water / Softdrings

This is the easy part. You should not forget your ticket (for entry) or cash if you still need to buy one - as well as train- or plane-tickets (however you plan to arrive).

Please try to have your event ticket at hand as soon as you arrive so we can get you inside as quickly as possible. If you arrive ahead of Wednesday you have to pay for "early arrival" in cash. Water/softdrinks is on the list because ConQuest happens in August and tends to be pretty hot. Especially on Wednesday you'll have some wait time at check-in and probably get thirsty. 


Everyday commodities

  • drinking jar / cup / goblet / etc.
  • cutlery (metal or wood)
  • flask / bottle (fitting the ambience!)
  • a sharp knife
  • a wooden/metal plate or bowl
  • other dishes as needed (all according to the setting!)

Please don't drink out of bottles that are clearly not part of the setting. No one complains about you having a coke if you put it into a goblet or chalice. Same goes with the bottles you carry with you when leaving your campsite. A sharp knife and plate/bowl/dishes are useful for everyday eating at your campsite. Please do NOT take real knifes away from your campsite since they are strictly forbidden near in-game battles!

Hot days - cold nights

  • Sleeping bag
  • pelts, blankets, etc.
  • camp bed / cot / some other isolation
  • towel & sanitary equipment
  • drugs, (real) bandages for emergencies 
  • your tent (including pegs, ropes, a hammer, etc.) 
  • flashlight
  • toilet paper

August in Brokeloh / Germany tends to be hot during days but cool at night. So you better pack a warm sleeping bag and/or several blankets to make it cosy (and blankets or furs usually look better than your sleeping bag). Try to avoid sleeping on open ground - use a cot, camping bed or some sort of isolation (e.g. air matress). 
Although we act as if it were the medieval times you should not smell like that. There are lots of sanitary areas with (hot) showers, toilets, etc. So don't forget your soap. And - of course - never travel without a towel!
There are paramedics on site but only for emergencies. Better bring your own drugs and band-aids. You also have to bring your own tent (or sleep in your friends). The most common mistake is forgetting your pegs or a hammer to put them in the ground. Flashlights should not be used during the game but don't risk falling while on a nightly toilet-stroll. We do not provide guaranteed toilet paper so better bring your own. 


Let's fight!

  • armour & weapons (according to your character concept)
  • bow & arrows (if playing an archer)
  • solid footwear
  • fake blood (for more "realism" after battles)
  • in-game bandages
  • drinking bottles (fitting the ambience)
  • in-game snacks (crispbread, sausages, hard cheese, etc.) 

Armour, equipment and all that you need to portray your character should be self explaining. If your character is an archer or bowmen remember to bring enough ammunition. 
Battles at ConQuest are big. And lots of people with weapons and heavy armour can be harmful if you do not wear good boots. Please do not enter battles barefoot for your own safety. Fake blood should be brought by every participant who might get "injured" within the game. Please do not expect healers to provide fake blood for everyone! The same goes for bandages - if a healer tends to your wounds offer him your bandages so you do not have to locate the healer later to give him/her his/her stuff back.