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Das FanArt-Jahr 2017 hat begonnen!

Let the Fan-Art year 2017 beginn!
This year we dont want to give single, but multiple chances to awaken the artist in you! Every second month a new contest with a new prize will start!
The Term: We give a topic for every single Contest and you draw, paint, sew or dance your entry accoirding to our given topic.
Short: We don't care what Medias you use, YouTube-Videos or Pictures are welcomed as well.
To take part, just send your Entry to our Facebook-Page or to
Every participant will be posted on our Facebook-Page and Homepage.
We wish you a lot of fun creating all the stuff!
You Team of Live Adventure


  • The finished work has to be connected with either the topic.
  • It has to be published for the first time within the ConQuest Fanart Contest 2017.
  • Only one entry per person and topic.

If you choose a more abstract approach feel free to add 2-3 explaining sentences.




Here’s how it works:

1. Publish your work on our Facebook page. For those wanting to avoid facebook, send it via mail or email ( ; subject: Fanart Contest 2017).

2. Send us an email containing the following information: (If you sent your entry via email in the first place, just enclose the info right away)

  • The title of the work
  • Your full name (and a pseudonym, if you don’t want your name to be published)
  • Email adress
  • the category of your entry (you may suggest a category)
  • Any additional info on the entry (p.e. techniques used, material, how long it took...)


Unless stated otherwise, your agreement to a publication of your name or pseudonym, the title of your work and the publication of your work on, on live-adventure online forums, blog, instagram, possibly youtube and via links on facebook and google+ is implied.

The Topic for round #2: Heroes of the Elements

All entries will be judged by a jury of five according to a trusted system of categories resulting in ranks of 1-3.
Special attention will be paid to finesse in technique, amount of work invested, the creativity of the idea and it’s realization and of course the overall impression of the finished piece.
The price will be raffled to one of the three selected.

Deadline for first round entries is May the 29th, 2017, all decisions are final and no subject to legal appeal.

Edit: Results will be published until June 6th 2017 and the winner will be notified.

Upon entering into the competition, all participants assure that their work does not violate copyright or any rights of a third party. Upon entering the competition, all participants accept the publication of their full name or pseudonym, the title of the work and the work itself in parts or as a whole on the online platform of Conquest (, in Live-Adventure forums ( on Live-Adventure blog Live-Adventure youtube-channel, Instagram ( and that links can be put up on facebook and Google+.