Further Events:

What Ticket should I buy?

Explorers Banner

This is the place to be for all adventurers, explorers and travelers far and wide. The Explorers banner is perfect for players who participate on their own or for small groups on their first tour to Mythodea.

Freedom Banner

The camp for all mercenaries, soldiers and other strays, unbound and free. All players who intend to have their character be and act as free as possible should choose this camp. 

Unity Banner

The voice of reason is heard best in this banner. Although they are loyal followers of the Sacred Elements of Mythodea they tend to chose themselves how to serf the Elements best. This banner is home to many large groups who focus on solidarity and familiarity. 

Adamant Banner

The most devote combatants of the Sacred Elements, always willing to be their hand, voice and sword. They happily carry the burden of being the most zealous beliefers who are quick to execute the Elements will. This banner is perfect for all, who want to dig deeper into the mythology and secrets of Mythodea and are willing to exchange a little freedom in their characters actions and decisions for an intense experience. 

Where is the most action?

There is no big difference between all Banners!

Where is the coolest story?

In Unity and Adamant Banners are mostly exciting and long stories, but these will need deeper knochledge of the Background. Who wants to start, could find better fitting stories in Exploers Banner and Freedom Banner.