ConQuest 2018

Mirrorworld's End

Last year, the Forsaken suprised everyone, by launching a counter attack on Mythodea. But the Elements warriors did not yield but fought back and recaptured the fortress although it took the lives of many heroes and adventureres. This was a great victory but not the end of the enemy. The Worldforge is in danger for as long as the mirrorworld exists. And through it, all of Mythodea!

ConQuest 2018 will be about holding and defending the fortress taken the year before, because the Primordial Sceptics will surely try to conquer it to get access to the Worldforge again. But they are almost beaten and it will probably be their last struggle, so it is also important to destroy all connections between the mirrorworld and Mythodea for good to ensure a lasting victory.

In it's fifth and maybe final year, the Kelriothar storyline might even end and we could launch the third act of Mythodea. But it is still to be decided in which manner the second act will end (if at all) and how this influences the players start into the third campaigne. Will they succeed in letting the Sceptics wither within their dying world? Or will the Elementals servants be defeated by the Forsaken and the Worldforge be retaken? 

Will it be enough to destroy the Crystal Gate to deny the Forsaken any escape from Kelriothar? Or is it still necessary to confront the Heralds and their forsaken Core? And how does all this influence the Worldforge itself as it has been the center of so many battles year after year?

Only ConQuest 2018 will tell.

Questions and answers about the setting 2018

Q&A on the scenario 2017:

Q: What can be expected as plot / scenario for 2018?
A: We will further focus on the tactical setting as well as large scale (siege-)battles. The center of this story is the defense of the fortress which was taken by the players last year. The players will have to defend what they conquered and also destroy or permanently close the Crystal Gate nearby which leads to Kelriothar (the mirrorworld). 

Q: Do the players have to build the set / fortress?
A: No, the fortress will be set up by the organizers. Quarters and Banners may contact us to influence interior design and decoration. 

Q: Which rules will be in place?
A: ConQuest remains on Mythodea. The rules in play are the "Basic Rulbook" as well as the "Add-On: Effects". There might be additional rules (like last summers "no rituals" or "no artifacts") which will be communicated in time. 

Q: Who did win in 2017?
A: Please refer to "What happened..." for a brief review . In short: the forsaken fortress was conquered Saturday noon and the final counter attack by the Forsaken during the evening was pushed back (which almost did not succeed!). The enemy armies turned back. The Primordial Sceptics returned to the mirrorworld with some allies but some Forsaken remained on Mythodea and rejoined the ones left behind four years ago.

Q: How will the Forsaken be able to so quicly construct a fortress at the Worldforge?
A: Hey, it's not called the Worldforge without reason. It's the source of all creation on Mythodea and the Primordial Sceptics basically built the place in ancient history. This should be enough to clearly give them a definite tactical advantage.

Q: Will the Great Host be dissolved?
A: No. Defence of the fortress is again the job of the five banners, led by a self elected council of banners. 

Q: Do the players also have to defend their camps?
A: Yes. The Forsaken are free to attack the banners as well as the fortress. In which manner this happens will be determined on site (according to how the areas and camps are placed).  

Q: May we bring some siege weapons?
A: Yes please. Limit of one onager per person ;-)


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