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Further Events:

ConQuest 2020


The Skargen are coming!

Blood and water marks their dark path that stains all the coasts of the continent.
The storm on Mythodea has begun!
New enemies rise and threaten the order of the world.

The future lies in believing in the good,
in the hands of the brave
and in the strength of the heroes.

A war in which there can only be one victor.

Questions and answers about the setting 2020

Q: What kind of scenario can be expteded in 2020?
A: The last city of the ancient rulers could be defended, by the victory at Methraton'Thul a tactically important base was secured. 2020 will be marked by the Skargen invasion, but also the undead flesh and the black ice will play an important role.

Q: Will there be the four sacred temples of the elements again?
A: Yes. Each banner will have one of the temples in the center. We want to give "your" temple much more space and support more projects related to it in 2020.

Q: Who actually won in 2019?
A: A brief overview of the results and events of ConQuest 2019 can be found here.

Q: Where exactly will the ConQuest 2020 take place?
A: The exact position will be announced after the two spin-offs "Beyond the Seals" and "Chronicles of Mythodea", as both events are closely related to the history of the ConQuest next year.

Q: Do you have to be on the Chronicles of Mythodea or Beyond the Seals to understand the plot?
A: No, absolutely not. The two events merely tell the prologue and offer an embedding of the events in the framework campaign. For us it is important to keep the stories of Chronicles & ConQuest clearly separate in 2020 - even if they take place in the same world, of course.

Q: Do we need to build fortifications?
A: Since the new siege concept worked well, the great Host will be attackable again in 2020 and will need palisades to protect it. Check in advance with your quarter managers and Live Adventure whether a siege zone is planned for your banner.

Own temple, siege battles, the biggest NPC army in the world sounds good?
I have to go there: