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Further Events:

The Mythodea Campaign


Mythodea does not only exist on the ConQuest and our spin-off events "Jenseits der Siegel" and "Chroniken von Mythodea", but also in a year-round campaign game.

On more than 30 smaller events the stories of the settlers of Mythodea are narrated.

In order to maintain an overview, the country is divided into several areas, managed by separate LARP-Orgas. See "Seal".

The map of Mythodea


The map of Mythodea for download!

The Seals


You are looking for Informations about the North, the South, the East, the West, the Freyenmark or the Realm of the Roses, look here!

The Tribes of Mythodea


The Tribes of Mythodea, wich are living in Mythodea since the time of Ancient Rulers.

Figures of Interest


Important Figures you can engage in Mythodea.