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The Northern Seal

The Northern Realm

The second oldest of the mitrasperan realms is a crucible of cultures that was forged by diverse and manifold ways and convictions. It serves the greater good.

We live in Mitraspera, here it's not pivotal who you are or were, solely your deeds on Mitraspera decide who you are within the Northern Realm! The Seal of Aeris is loyal to its philosophy and will never shy away from dirty its hands. Even though not everything can be solved by a fast and precise cut we own the endurance and wisdom to pass every test.

We stand together in unity, strength and solidarity. United by the excellencies the Nyame Ka'Shalee Zress, a drow from the House of Zress and the Archon Kop-tar, from the people of the Ulu-Mulu.

Our goal is to purge the world to live in ease and wealth. Blind fanatism is foreign to us and we use every possibility to wipe the forsaken once and for all out off Mitraspera.

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