The Eastern Seal

The Kingdom of the Eastern Seal, also called the “Phoenix Empire” or the “Fire Seal” is the eldest realm in play on the continent of Mythodea. The majority of its population consists of lawful Humans. Other law-abiding or “light” fantasy-races are rare among the populace, but welcome to the realm.

The Phoenix Empire is organized in a feudal system loosely based on medieval concepts. This accommodates different levels of fantasy, from low to very high, none of which are aimed at historical accuracy. Nyame and regent are the heads of state, both of which may appoint other princes of the realm usually ranked as dukes and duchesses, who reign sovereign in their fiefdoms. Dukes or duchesses may in turn appoint nobles and enfoeff them.

As the eldest realm on Mythodea, we are tightly woven into the mythical and political storylines connected to the “Mirrorworld”. In addition to the main campaign of Mythodea that connects all realms and their adversaries, the Eastern Seal boast several unique plotlines:

The fight against the followers of the aspect of Revenge, the retrieval of the Forge-Fortress of Hakarioth and the conquest of the forsaken Usurper, who lays claim to the crown of the Eastern Seal, to name just a few. If you are into social and political plot, with intrigue, danger and a dash of romance, the Eastern Seal is for you!


These are the cornerstones of our game:

- Supportive Roleplay - We will always play to the “strengths” of each other’s concepts

- The “Two Rules” - “React when played at” and “Do not expect a specific reaction when playing with someone”

- “LARP mit!”

- A Shared Empire - A common political and social background that unites different groups with different concepts

- A Feudal State - Knights (male and female!), lords and ladies

- Immersive Atmosphere - Dramatic and emotional game that showcases our characters’ virtues and vices

- Coherent Standard in Kit and Equipment - We strive to have a beautiful camp for everyone, without trash or OOG-items, we will support each other in setting up sth. Nice.


Newbies and veterans, all interested gamers are very welcome! Find and get to know us anytime, whether at one of the events in game, or out of game. 

Our team are:

 Forum-Alias : Kreuzer/Anja
 Forum-Alias: Anke/Anke
 Forum-Alias: Benny/Benjamin
 Forum-Alias: Max/Stefan
 Forum-Alias: Vanessa/Vanessa


We look forward to larping with you!