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Further Events:

The Eastern Seal

The Phoenix Kingdom, also known as the Fire Seal, is the first of the five Seal Realms to be settled. What unites us is the common struggle as an empire for victory against the forsaken and a free mythodea.

The eastern seal unites righteous and light peoples under the banner of the Phoenix Throne. The Regent and the Nyame stand at the head of the pyramid of power and lead the East into the new age together with the high nobility. The concept of the fire seal envisages the representation of a feudal nobility structure with a clear reference to the medieval world and a certain amount of fantasy. We are happy about presentations that support this setting without taking it too exactly with the historical correctness.

In addition to the medieval social structure, there is one thing above all: Our highest goal is to fight together for the light. Doing the right thing and doing the right thing while watching the exciting conflict game with other races in a rather dark spectrum is one of the many game contents that the Eastern Empire has to offer.
Another important element of our game philosophy is supportive role-playing. We take care of each other and it is important for us to take up and play ideas of others constructively, but not to expect others to play the way we want them to.

Because it is our goal to have a functioning troop on site, you will find very different game offers with us: Nobility, soldiers, special units, scouts, mages, scholars, priests, bards, merchants, alchemists, healers and much more. You can find a comprehensive presentation on our homepage.

If you want to camp with us, our goal is an IT-logical integration into the East, e.g. by connecting to one of the existing playgroups in the East. If you don't know anyone yet, an idea about the Ostforum is very helpful to make contacts. An agreement with the Siegel-Orga is also important to us. We are always happy to give you a deeper insight into the game concept in order to determine with you whether your demands and expectations match those of the East. Newcomers and interested parties are always welcome, whether before or during an event. Just get in touch with us!

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