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Further Events:

The Realm of the Roses

In the camp of the Realm of Roses, its inhabitants and friends are assembled under the banner of the Dornenrose (Thorny Rose).

The concept of this realm is strongly story- and background-based. We are always happy to welcome new players as well, as long as they are willing to get involved in already existing structures and enjoy shaping the LARP concept we represent together with us. Furthermore, we also attach great importance to get players of different nationalities involved. That's why in our game we rely on bilingualism (German / English) to include players who speak little or no German into the world of Mythodea.

The Realm of Roses attempts to walk a path that proves that reason and faith in the elements do not have to rule each other out. A strong identification with the continent of Mythodea and its background, especially with the elemental people, as well as high standards concerning ambience and role playing are further core components of our play style.

Anyone who wishes to join the camp of the Realm of Roses can find all necessary information and how to get in touch with the team in our forum.