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Further Events:

The Southern Seal

The Golden Empire - the South of Mythodea
Welcome to the southern continent of Mythodeas, in the seal of Terra. Welcome to the Golden Empire.
The empire stretches from the ruins of Doerchgardts Undead Fortress in the west to the white city of the Naldar on the coast in the east, and from the eternal ice up to Shan Meng Ray on the northern continent.
Under the banner of the Golden Empire, a wide variety of groups, such as honorable knights and orders of knights, brave soldiers, strong and wild Celts, scholars, researchers, craftsmen, traders, up to the elegant and beautiful Edalphi and the tribe of the winds, the Naldar, gather. All united by friendship, loyalty to the elements and by the common struggle against the forsaken. The South offers every settler what he needs, as long as he is faithful to the elements and adheres to the decree of the empire.
The seal is held by Archon and Nyame and their deputies. Since the empire was founded, it has been in constant battle with the undead flesh. During the last campaign, the empire had to make great sacrifices. Both Nyame and her Neches´Re gave their lives fighting the enemy. The undead regained strength, a new bone king rose and a threatening future lies ahead for the South...

The Golden Empire is firmly anchored in the background and plot of Mythodea. Furthermore, we attach great importance to a high ambience standard and good role play.

With the beginning of the new Mythodea chapter we are happy about new SC and playgroups. We are always happy to hear from interested and newcomers and they are always welcome.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just visit us in
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