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Further Events:

Bay of Heolysos

Free cities in the bay of Heolysos


Porto Leonis

In the year 15 after the discovery of Mythodea, proclaimed by the Council of the First, the city is a melting pot of different ways of life and ideas, which are combined in one purpose. The dream of a life in Mythodea, free from the feudalism of their homelands. Originally emerged of the Explorers Banner, they have peeled of feudality and queued to the choir of the lands voices.

In front of Porto Leonis stands the Coucil of the First as administration. This council acknowledges guilds and appoints the Council of the Wise. Porto Leonis has neither Archon nor Nyame but sides with them not losing its own identity and integrity. The ways of the world are familiar to the citizens and they respect them, but their basic principle is: Reputation through achievement.

A high standard of ambience, good role play and identification to our play are very important. We assume friendship, kindness, honesty and trust grows by earning it. We like to give „the men on the street“, the craftsmen, philosophers and artists, which are interested in playing when there is no Mythodea convention, an opportunity of an exchange and renown.

Folowing contents are our gaming cornerstones:

  • medieval, fantasy town simulation
  • Refuse of the feudal system in town
  • "LARP mit!“
  • Atmosperhic display – dramatic acting charged with emotion.
  • Newcomers and interested are highly welcome. Either on convention or in-between, in or out game, starter or old stager.


Münzquell is home to the inhabitants and friends of the area of the same name in the northern part of the bay of Heolysos. We welcome everyone who wants a harmonious overall concept with a beautiful ambience and strong integration of the background.

Our players are known for their ability to walk through the golden legacy, which means elemental fidelity without paying homage to the Quihen' Assil, and is made up of almost all player concepts. Münzquell deliberately avoids an aristocratic system and relies on internal hirarchy structures, inviting everyone to take their place. Led by the regent, Cho' wa el Abar' Raine, Münzquell forms a community that is always loyal to itself, which does not shy away from conflict and confronts all tasks in a united manner.

We are always open to new concepts and ideas, so don't hesitate to contact us, because we are sure that your game, whether single player or group, newcomer or old hand, can find its place with us.

Münzquell - To golden ages!



South of Steinbrück and Porto Armatio, on the east coast of Mythodea, the free city state of Askalon is being built here in the bay of Heolysos on the ruins of the former Lona Akata fortress Pareij. Strategically conveniently located, with access to the sea, first of all those who are not satisfied with the - lastly chaotic - conditions in the Freyenmark are gathering here. But also all those who do not feel at home in the Seals under the rule of Archon and Nyame are welcome, because here they can be equals among equals.

Although one basically believes in the elements of Mythodea, any other faith is tolerated as long as it does not contradict the life and the first creation of Mitraspera. Thus, elementally faithful settlers live here alongside gods believers from the Midlands and other areas of primary exhaustion. Everyone is welcome here, as long as he does not cooperate with the forsaken forces of Mythodea or pact to their advantage.

Askalon offers space for everyone, regardless of their faith, descent or profession. Knightly orders, with their mighty bulwarks, keep enemies moving in the first ring of fortresses, peasants cultivate the wide areas in front of Askalon's fortress walls, while the harbour gives seafarers the opportunity to trade or bring in the fruits of the sea.


The "city of a hundred faces". Home of the Blood Pact, is a haven of contradictions. When the Akata elementary people left the city of Heolysos after their brothers, the Lona, the largest metropolis of Mythodea became a ghost town. Newly settled by the pact as "Blutgard", today tribes live there directly next to mercenary companies, animal people next to magician princes. In palace gardens there are yurts, and on the double ring wall there are blood banners. Once dressed in marble and bricks, the city now has a new, wilder face.
For the "city without laws" it is no longer, but Blutgard is still an anarchic place. The blood pact had once been driven here by an unconditional desire for freedom, and they still don't appreciate it when someone wants to tell them what to do. The Provisional Council rarely interferes - factions and clans rule the streets, and only the word of the Blood Marshals can really unite the city.
If you don't wear the tooth, you should avoid some quarters anyway - or make good friends. For this is the city of the Pact: foreigners, with the exception of the Akata, may be welcome as visitors, but they can never really become at home.

The Blood Pact is a sometimes wild, often contradictory, but always combative union of various groups from inside and outside Mythodea, which has found its new home in Blutgard. Freedom is at the forefront here - the Pact knows no nobility and only the bare essentials of government.

There is no forum game for Blutgard, but the wiki is open to anyone who wants to get to know the city:

For questions, game ideas or general contact please use our e-mail address:

Caladh Nua

Caladh Nua in Gaelic means "new harbour". After the unfortunate exodus from the Southern Seal, the ruins of the old city serve as a winter camp and base for the Celtic warriors and settlers around the Belldraighon tribe and their allies. The supreme laws are elemental loyalty and Celtic customs, above all the much-vaunted hospitality.

Life there is rough and characterized by a constant atmosphere of optimism.

Little attention is paid to the city's own safety and fortification. The focus of these people is, for the few guests, clearly evident, the preparation for war and the storage of supplies in order to find a more fertile soil than this rough and unreal rocky coastline.

Contact: d.simon(at)

Asina / Ad Astra

Founded in the year 12 ndE for the war against the Primordial Sceptics, Ad Astra has developed into a solid and well-known community. The longer one fought for the welfare of Mythodea, the greater the connection to this land became, the stronger the ties to the kingdoms of the seals, primitive peoples and elements. In the bay of Heolysos, the ancient city of Asina is now being rebuilt and serves as home and base for the fighters, friends and allies of Ad Astra.

Under the rulers Lady Yollinar ní Fhiona and Séamus O'Connor, the free city of Asina and the offshore harbour town of Caladh Érenn became a centre of knowledge and diplomacy. The already existing ties to the seal-rich, indigenous peoples and interest groups of Mythodea are to be consolidated so that Ad Astra can now fulfil his role as a knowledge disseminator and mediator also outside the campaigns.

Ad Astra relies on knowledge, understanding and cohesion. All members are part of a community that values and specifically promotes every skill and ability. Every individual, regardless of race and profession, finds his place here. The management structures are permeable and flexible - new players as well as long-time companions can get involved at any time. Congenital titles and stands play no role at Ad Astra - thirst for knowledge and drive, ambition and unity are the qualities with which everyone develops their own place and position at Ad Astra:

Per aspera AD ASTRA!

Contact: Stadt[at]