Woe to you Mitraspera when the Almahandir awakens! - the prophecy of unknown origin warns against the return of the judge of the elements. For the Almahandir, now born in the dead body of the Almahandra, is to be merciless as the Worldfire itself, rather a natural force, less a self-sufficient person. But the stories that tell of his time with the element followers also tell of humor and insight, of laughter and joy. Thus, the entity that took control of the Traumdorn and thus all the dreams of the Kelriothar, remains unfathomable. Only one thing is certain: his anger will come upon all those who do not unconditionally follow the iron path.



The powerful Orathon was already known in the time of the ancient rulers for his martial art during the war. His love for battle, his steadfast self-confidence, and his stoic calm made him an anchor in the ranks of the Eternal Swords. Although his revival in modern times has cost him some of his power, he is still today the most powerful striker of the elements who lives like a mortal among the settlers of Mythodea. As the bearer of the Axe of the Judge, Orathon is a living bonfire of the triumphal certainty and harshness of the Tivar Kharr'assil, even if dark rumors were told about a sickness of his soul, which could make the Old Ruler into something else, darker.


The Gesmimae - Mistress – of the Ouai had been an advocate of the settlers since the first hour of the Rediscovery of Mythodea. With a gentle hand and voice she took the role of the mother figure. Tirelessly and with infinite patience, the Ouai mistress, who was already old at that time, took the heirs of the old rulers back to her old age. As one of the few, she did not shy away from giving the newcomers the necessary knowledge to stand up to their heritage, and soon became known as the mentor of the heirs of the ancient rulers. Their knowledge of Mythodea sometimes appears inexhaustible, and even the wise ones themselves seek their advice. Thus only a few realize that Mejhana'Thaea slowly loses the fire in her eyes and the age ruthlessly extends his claws after her.


Osmond von Bar

Osmond von Bar was appointed Commander of the Heereswacht shortly before the campaign. He is currently building the guard and trying to adapt it to the circumstances of the hostile world and the needs of the banners. He is therefore hardly to be found outside the barracks of the guard. Knowing that soldiers have to let off steam, he shows himself indulgent to the debauchery. Pacters with the enemy were, however, mercilessly persecuted by him.