Sim Sin´karaleth, Herald of Pride

The harlequin of the Mirrorworld is Sim Sin'karaleth. Like a mad dancer, she changes loyalties and the side on which she fights, according to her mood. In some of the invaders, she seems to find herself again, and can then be gracious, loving, even a real friend, just to ruthlessly attack the invaders if these violate Sims confused rules. To what extent her madness has now changed, since the invaders did give her dreams back, has to show. But it seems as if the Herald of Pride has returned to the arms of the Society of Doubt after a help request from Shey ksun Arets.

Tala’kesh Efeu der Gelbe

Amongst the scholars known as Galg Galbinus and among other druids known as Lindornëa, no one knows exactly what a creature it is and where it comes from. After Dunholme's oathbrothers rescued him out of the sea, after a mysterious misfortune, Efeu adapted himself to the wildness of Mitraspera, testified the opening of the last seal, and joined the chariot to Kelriothar. During the second invasion he followed the settlers, who discovered the mysterious studio of Sim Sin'karaleth with his two masters, the Tala'kesh. With the help of his friends and allies, the eleven druids succeeded in formally challenging and defeating the presiding Tala'kesh, Resh'vol, to take the position of Tala'kesh himself. During the events of the third invasion, he stayed with the Order of Lunorth and worked with Altea and Serafina to maintain and operate the studio, overseeing the initiation of the Sisters of the Flame. Yet, despite his energetic efforts, there are those who once knew the quiet druids, and who were observing his growing temperament and his growing obsession of logic with alarm.


Tala’keshi Althea und Serafina - Die Flammenschwestern

Also known as 'The ashen Sisters' or 'Siblings of the Shared Soul', Althea and Serafina come from a family of trading craftsmen from the northern seal Mitrasperas. As priestesses of the Circle of Fire, they joined the great campaign to Kelriothar. But when Serafina claimed the position of Tala'kesh of the Sin'karaleth studio, the herald of pride united her souls to serve as one. During the third campaign, the sisters, together with Efeu, were working on the operation of the studio and followed the commandment of Sim Sin'karaleth loyally. It is, however, widely known that they have close relations with Archon Karl Weber and the Empire of the Roses.