The Herald of Wrath is far more than a monster that unstoppably destroys its enemies. Although he draws joy, indeed life, from the struggle against the invaders, and appears to be the only Primordial Sceptic who enjoys the invasion of Mitraspera, his cruelty has a method. Kor'zuhl-et4 is always searching for enlightenment in the battles of the Kelriothar, and he brings it to many of his opponents, whether they like it or not. In the end, the followers of the elements succeeded in killing Kor'zuhl-et4s body. But as it seems, Sim'Sin Karaleth helped to create a new one. One of whom the Primordial Sceptic of pride itself said she would improve him ... but how Sim's influence may have changed the herald is yet to be seen. What all this means and how the Heralds and Primordial Sceptics are actually connected remains unclear...

Shey ksun Aret

The Herald of Prediction is a ruthless bearer of death and decay. Rumors say that she can look into the hearts of mortals and read the progress of her life. Likewise, a single word from it is to influence the course of a life or destiny itself in such a way that things inevitably approach the end.


Resh'vol, Rikan of the Voice

The Rikan of the Voice is probably the only member of the Society of Doubt, which has a real interest in conversations and relations with the invaders. However, after a meeting with the ancient Rikan, a bad taste always remains. Is there really something interesting with the invaders? Or is he only tirelessly looking for a weak spot that would allow him to destroy the Invasion Army? In the end, there are few people to look behind the facade of the intriguing and diplomatically highly gifted being and to find a spark of truth in his words. The rest, however, may only hope not to lose itself in the ridges of the Rikan.

Nimoe, saint of the Undead Flesh

The stories about the undead griffin slayer come from the time before the Worldfires. Her mysterious appearance in the Mirrorworld is seen by the Undead as a miracle of their Queen of Bones - by the settlers as a gloomy sign. Their vengeance is directed equally against the Primordial Sceptics, as well as against the settlers. Where she appears there is no peace.


The Thul-Sharuhn

The perfection of the Black Ice finds its embodiment in the Thul-Sharuhn. Dressed in armor of pure Nos'gorioth, endowed with as much essence as a mortal body is able to carry, weapons and doubts alike slide off the leader of the Black Ice. But what led the lord of perfection in the Kelriothar to conclude an alliance with the army of the doubt is, at the hour, still a mystery that awaits his solution.

The Ottar´Khan

It was not until the second year of the war that the Ottar'Khan became the embodiment of the will of Essence. From the essences of Ignis, transformed by the cold hands of the Khorr'Ottar, she re-emerged for the essence in the time of need and now directs the spirit of perfection to the great goal of the Black Ice. A goal that nobody can even guess.


Igraina of Barrenbay

More than nearly every other Ankhorian, the Laird of Barrenbay has reason to hate the heirs of the ancient rulers. As a daughter of the virtue from the ancient ruler Maralie abused in cruel experiments, the Laird turned to the path of the Undead Flesh, and learned the art of war still from the Tivar Kharr'assil. Today, she is driven by the search for revenge and justice, for the added pain and undead evidence that even the strongest belief in the elements can be broken by suffering and then something terrible takes its place. Rumors suggest that Igraina, since the Herald body Shey ksun Arets fell under her weapon, is penetrated by a dark magic that has given her new power.

Emeline of Flowerfield

Emeline, who was completely devoted to the Queen of Bones, had always been able to take advantage of the confusion of the policy of the Ankhorian Empire for her ascent. But she would never have dreamed of becoming a laird. When Saint Nimoe offered her this opportunity, Emeline did not hesitate and went over the Herald body Shey ksun Arets to reach her goal. With this rise, the Laird did not gain in physical power, which made her equal to the other two Lairds, but she now dominates the last mysteries of the Nechaton and is a sorceress who is unrivaled among the undead.


Raghayn of Silent Hill

Laird Raghayn has been a ruler of the Ankhorian Empire since the first hour. To his undying blood loyal to the cause of the Queen, he is the diplomat of the undead army. Like Igraina, he also killed the Herald body of Shey ksun Aret and since that day has been surrounded by a strange power that makes him on the battlefield to an even more feared opponent of elemental combatants.