NPC Deals

To grant our NPCs the same Appearance, you can buy Equipment for small money.

Here you can buy all deals and add-ons for the upcoming ConQuest. Deals are available until 31.03.2017. Unfortunately we can’t account any orders or payments placed after that date. All deals and add-ons have a fixed price.


You can only order deals/add-ons with the “Rechnungsnummer” of a NPC ticket from the current ConQuest and can only be picked up at the event with the NPC ticket or NPC wristband. The deals won’t be shipped before or after the event. Also they can’t be picked up by someone else.

Of course, every gear you acquired this way belongs to you after the event, because you bought it. This is not a rent or lending.

What are deals and add-ons?

Only for NPCs of the ConQuest we offer the chance to buy gear at high discounts. The goal of this bonus, is that most of the NPC armies wear uniformly armor – at a special low price for the NPCs.

A deal is a basic set. There are multiple deals for every faction, depending on if you want to play a light, middle or heavy armed character. Add-ons are additional gear to finalize the image.

To get access to the deals and add-ons, you need an actual ConQuest NSC e-ticket. To buy a NPC ticket, just click on the ConQuest website on “Registration”. You will receive the ticket via e-mail.

Some Deals and Add-on are available in sizes M and XL

At the event, we will adjust the armor on you and shorten or lengthen some leather straps if needed.

Every year we bring some spare parts with us, in case you guessed your size wrong or you realize, that you urgently need a helmet. But we also can’t guarantee that we carry enough parts.


This deals and add-ons can only be paid in advance. The contract is only valid, if we receive the payment. After an order is placed, the invoice amount is payable for seven days. Otherwise the order is canceled.