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Further Events:

NSC Portal


Since 2014 we replaced the old NPC forum step by step with the new NPC portal. This does not concern the PC- and support-fora in any way.

The NPC portal will not only contain a collection of important information; it will also be our main tool to organize the bulk of NPCs into the three major fractions. Additionally one can  share pictures and videos, add a personal profile and keep in contact between the years. This portal is supposed to offer a platform for discussion, the sharing of ideas and concepts (including drawings) - not only within one faction of the NPCs but even between all three.

The link referring to the sign-up site and your individual registry-code is only available on your personalized NPC ticket. If you bought your NPC ticket with an email address that you also use for your Google or Facebook account you can use those logins as well to sign up for the NPC portal (this is optional)

The link to the registration, as well as the necessary invitation code will be sent within two weeks after receipt of the ticket in an extra mail.
If you have used an address for the purchase of the NSC ticket with which you are also registered on Google or Facebook, you can also use this login in the NSC portal (optional).