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Further Events:

The Skargen

The sails of a new foe arrive beneath the sinking sun...

Her little hand cramped in his. She seemed ice-cold and wet with sweat at the same time, but she was also the only thing that still seemed real to him in this nightmare. He wouldn't let go, instead griping her tiny fingers even harder he ran, pulling his sister behind. For a moment he dared to look back, saw the longboats on the coast. Countless warriors poured out of their strange hulls modeled after sea snakes, giants with rage distorted grimaces instead of faces.

Like creatures from his worst dreams, the men and women attacked the settlers of his village - his home. But it was more than just a fight, the strangers seemed to follow a rite. The attack seemed almost ceremonial, as if they were performing a deviant and terrible blood ceremony.

One of the village elders was just led by two of the giants before a group of veiled figures whose outlines hardly resembled those of humans. With almost artistic elegance, they let his blood flow into a large bowl. When the old man collapsed unconscious and the eerie singing ended abruptly, he heard his sister whimpering and only now noticed that he had stopped. Panicking, he turned around. Something tore his sister's hand out of his and from the corners of his eyes he saw a blood stained buckler and a brute axe approaching...

Welcome to Mythodeas third act!

After the events around Argus and the five Seals (act 1) as well as the story about the Worldforge, Kelriothar and the Sceptics (Act 2), the arrival of a new enemy will herald the next big chapter. In addition to the Pestilence, the Army of Doubt, the Black Ice and the Undead Meat, the new faction called "Skargen", an invading army that will reach Mythodea via the western sea, is to arrive next year.

In a very simplified way you could call them "fantasy-vikings", but besides the nordic influences they also have a deep background and mystical touch, about which we wont  reveal too much at this point. To start with in 2019 we want to present a wild horde of northmen (and women), side by side with the Forsaken standing strong against the Great Host of the Elements.

From the design point of view, we want to define and promote a certain uniformity that makes it possible to be recognized on the battlefield. As with the other Forsaken factions, there are clear guidelines on colours, types of weapons and (un-)supported equipment. This is determined by the style guide of the faction.

At the same time, however, we also want to further promote individualisation, the reusability of deal products and the possibility of tinkering with one's own kit and costume. Therefore there will be no "full deals" as with the other factions but a large number of individual deal products from which one can pick whatever one needs. The obligatory parts of the deal will consist of the blue-grey fabric parts visible on the pictures (a collar as well as arm and leg wraps).

You can get some impressions from the published pictures. All further information - together with a few audiocasts, handicraft blogs, further photos as well as input on background, structure and behaviour of the skargen - are distributed exclusively via our NPC community portal. Only those of you with an NPC ticket have access to it.

Do we have your attention? Then quickly register as an NPC and take part in the discussion on the NPC portal. Because the creation of the Skargen should be a group effort of all NPCs, who commit to being part of them!