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Further Events:

The Camp of the Host

Hier bekommt Ihr einen Überblick der verschiedenen Banner, in denen Ihr Eure Zelte aufschlagen könnt.

The Field Camp

The Great Host is divided into five Banners. Every Banner is further divided into wards. All wards and Banners will be connected with broad streets which will also serve as loading areas, emergency routes and neutral walkways between the wards. This makes the division into in-game and out-of-game entrances obsolete.

Of course or premises include more fields than depicted here. This map represents only the areas that are used for the five Banners. There are several more fields outside this area full of adventure, fights and quests but you need to find them during play, not on a website.

Here are the Explorer and Adventurer, Unexperienced and far Traveled. This Banner will fith perfectly for loners or small groups, which are in Mythodea for the first time.
This is the Banner for the Free, the Mecenaries and Homeless, Soldiers of Fortrune and Libertines. All Players which Charakters are focussed on Freedom and self determination are here at the right place.
The voice of rationality is the loudest in the Banner of Unity. They are faithfull Followers of the Elements of Mythodea, but they decide by themselfes, how they worship them.

The brave Fighter of the Elements, always trying to fullfill the Will of the Elements, always ready to carry the burden of responsibility and faith.


The Retinue banner ist the home of the former City and Suburb. In its wards you can find Merchants, Craftsman und Guilds, Artists and Bards.


An independent Camp for Orcs, Trolls and Goblins. Non-Greenskinned,shady characters , are welcomed, too.