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Further Events:

Adamant Banner

This is the Banner of all who follow the will and wishes of the Elements. It's the home of those who carry the united strength of Aqua and freedom of Aeris into the Forsaken's Heart, who pick up Ignis' flames, united  by Magicas bond and Terras consistency, and take them into the lands of the Primordial Skeptics of the Ratio.

This Adamant Banner is more than just the home of the Tivar Kharassil, the Eternal Swords of the Sacred Elements, and those who swore the Adamant Oath. It is home to everyone who's faith is strong, who honestly follows the Elements path - be it with a sword or a pen.

(Being "Adamant" at ConQuest refers to ones strong or even fanatic belief in the Elements. All their wishes and orders must be immediately put into action with no discussion. The "Silver" way once was the path of pacifism, distancing one self from the war on the Forsaken. In modern times it's meaning changed to being true to the Elements but able to question their motives. One would still adhere their orders but choose one's own way how to do so.)
The Adamant Banner contains these wards:
  • Adamant Ward
  • Eastern Ward *
  • Western Ward *
  • Southern Ward *
Further wards available as requested (from 100 players upward).
*registration to these wards is limited.

In spring please use the "Online Ward-manager (Viertelmanager)" to choose the ward and specific group you want to camp in. You can also use it to either change your Banner or transfer tickets.

The Southern Ward

The Southern Ward: To gain entry into this ward you need to register with the ward organizers here: Southern Seal Forum

Detailed information will follow.

The Western Ward

To gain entry into this ward you need to register with the ward organizers here: Western Seal Homepage

Detailed information will follow.

The Eastern Ward

To be eligible for a ticket to the Conquest's Western Quarter you need to first register with the Western Seal's Orga here: Westliches Siegel – Homepage

The Western Quarter's concept is one of serious role play within the confines of the Western Seal's mentality.
What does that mean?
We role play as the Western Seal's military expedition into enemy territory with a strong focus on unity. While it is not necessary to become part of the Western Seal to join our expedition, we do expect you to abide by our rules and chains of command and show an interest in cooperating with the Western Seal during the Mythodean campaign. But as we are the Seal of Aqua it is of highest importance to us that you show devotion to the Elements and want to take up the fight against the Forsaken. The Western Quarter on Conquest focuses on suspension of disbelieve and a good roleplaying environment, we quickly establish connections and friendship and as such the Western Quarter is a good starting place for anyone looking to join Mythodea.