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Further Events:

Banner of Unity

The many are strong: United in their believes to serve the land and the Elements they fight with their combined strength. They are the reasonable, the intermediators and arbitrators who unite the Elements in their eternal conflict. Only the combined Elements will be able to take the fight into the Forsaken's lands.

There was a time when only the Northern Seal followed this path but today it is known throughout Mythodea. Their critics are legion, especially among the followers of the Adamant Banner. But even their harshest opponents came to accept the strength and bravery of Unity.

From a GMs perspecctive: "Unity" might not be identical with "Silver" but this camp is clearly more tolerant than the Adamant Banner concerning the gathering of information and other intelligence related procedures. This also means, that the Elements themselves do not favor the Unity Banner as much as others, since on occasion, the path of Unity might not be the same as that of the Elements.

(Being "Adamant" at ConQuest refers to ones strong or even fanatic belief in the Elements. All their wishes and orders must be immediately put into action with no discussion. The "Silver" way once was the path of pacifism, distancing one self from the war on the Forsaken. In modern times it's meaning changed to being true to the Elements but able to question their motives. One would still adhere their orders but choose one's own way how to do so.)
The Banner of Unity contains these wards:
  • The Silver Ward
  • Viribus Unitis (Seal of the North)*
  • The Guardians of the Storm
  • Ad Astra*
  • Blutpakt*

Further wards available as requested (from 100 players upward).
*registration to these wards is limited.


In spring please use the "Online Ward-manager (Viertelmanager)" to choose the ward and specific group you want to camp in. You can also use it to either change your Banner or transfer tickets.

Viribus Unitis

To gain entry into this ward you need to register with the ward organizers here: Northern Seal Forum
Further information can be found on the Viribus Unitis Homepage

With combined forces they fight for the future and the native soul of the country. They are the mediators between the constantly brawling elements and prefer neither Terra nor Aeris, neither Aqua nor Ignis and not Magica. Only the unified elements, which settled their differences, are able to march united and strong against the Forsaken! Guided by the Nyame and the Archon of the Northern Seal, gathered the Viribus Unitis many settlers from all across Mythodea and those who want to become ones. Their philosophy of a camp whose residents are welded together by friendship, duty and responsibility, has let them passed the last summer campaign successfully.


The Guardians of the Storm

They were no longer settlers, no, Aeris followers had become the new guardians of the country, this were the Naldars‘ “Crystalthrone”’s words, when she announced the Element’s will in face of the deceased Avatar. But new tasks are waiting for the Elements’ armed forces and so, shortly after the summer’s campaign, the Taurus Iuvavi’s Master of Order founded the fellowship of the “Guardians of the Storm”, who intended to continue the way of the past years in Aeris name. But there are also new followers joining them and devoting themselves to the Storm. They are preparing to go into action against the Primordial Sceptics in the Mirrorworld.
Further information: Die Sturmwächter

Ad Astra

With joint efforts , our ward strives for the knowledge, thereby fighting for both the country and the elements. We engage in the struggle against the nescience as it foments the doubt. Together, through magic, sword and intellect, we will succeed in tightening and anchoring the influence of the elements in the mirrorworld. Enter our libraries, laboratories and ritual circles. Participate in our diplomats’ and scholars’ debates or in our planning committees and in the missions of our combat units.
Unity! Strength! Solidarity!
Further information at the Ad Astra Homepage.


The Söldner (Mercenaries)
This is the camp for those whose loyalty lies with the men and women they bear
arms with for jingling coin. Appreciation is something they only expect from their
kind, but they are nevertheless the most reliable fighters that their employers
could wish for. Their reputation precedes them. The Commission Agents
(Commissionaire) are responsible for keeping the coffers filled, while the military
leaders (Heerführer) lead their fighters through the horrors of the battlefield,
where they spill their blood for gold. Everyone has their place in this alliance.
The mercenary camp offers play as a service provider of the special kind. We are
open to everyone who loves both the fighting and the collective play outside of
This is a place where everyone who does not wish to be part of some ultimate
goal can become part of an unique community. Whether you are heavy infantry or
archer, shield wall or skirmisher, healer or mage – this is where you belong.