Explorer's Banner

This Banner is for all who come along but have not yet decided to align with one of the major political powers within the Great Host. The explorers stand loyal besides the Elements but do not belong to the Adamant. They rely on their strength and a clear state of mind but are not part of the Silver Ones. They are not in the service of any lord or ruler... but if chance presents itself to gain power and influence, they have no reason to swear fealty to the one who will reward them!

This banner is perfect for everyone who wants to see a little of everything and be part of the whole experience without any binding ties. This Banner has it all - adventures, fights, ambience... and lot's of connections into this thrilling new world!

The Explorer's Banner also is the best equipped banner concerning international players. We aim to provide all in-game information in English, the camp NPCs are multi-lingual and all GMs as well.
From a GMs perspective: The Explorer's Banner should be your first choice if you've never found your way to Mythodea or the Mirrorworld before. Learn how this world works, get connected and find new friends to conquer this world together. This banner's quests concentrate on basic storylines that do notn require any knowledge in advance. These story-arcs are also free from influences from the Adamant or Unity Banner.
The Explorer's Banner contains these wards:
  • Adventurer's Ward
  • Wayfarer's Arrival
  • The Openminded
  • The Awakening
  • The Family Ward
  • The Realm of the Roses*
  • The Fortress of Diversity

Further wards available as requested (from 100 players upward).
*registration to these wards is limited.
In spring 2018 please use the "Online Ward-manager (Viertelmanager)" to choose the ward and specific group you want to camp in. You can also use it to either change your Banner or transfer tickets.

Wayfarer's Arrival

We are the new, we are the others,our way is cloaked in darkness.

We are here to lern,we are here to help,to understand.

How do we accomplish lerning, helping and understanding?

We need companionship, diversity,opennessand a will to get invilved.

Shipps disembark on Seatradingguild atolls shores from many distant land. Their ships take new souls to this land every year. On a search for freedom, adventure, security or something new. Many of them where overwhelmed by the complexity or the way things are done in thes new world.

5 years ago a group of wayfarers of note receaved the call. We founded the Wayfarer's Arrival, ererybody new to this strange new world full of wonders, should feel at home and in good hands. We had the dream to lay the world to the newcommers feet, to show then, to explain them, to teach them to love it. We dedicated to this goal. But we know, we ar the beginning of a way. We are there to squire the "kid" on its first clumbsy steps to explore this world. As soon as you have lerned what Mythodea means to you we will let you pass. You make your own decitions, where they will take you we dont know, but we know wher they could beginn.

Join the Wayfarer's Arrival!
Become a part of Mythodea.

The Realm of Roses

To gain entry into this ward you need to register here: Realm of Roses board (www.reich-der-rosen.de)

The Ward of Roses is the camp of the Realm of Roses, where inhabitants and friends of the Realm are gathered under the colours of their Archon. The concept of the realm is dominated by plot-focused play especially on background of Mythodea and the belief that loyalty to the Elements and reason do not necessarily exclude each other. However, the first year’s priority is for all players involved to get to know each other and merge the different groups into one Realm. We want to head off into the “new chapter” as ONE Realm with a high standard of role playing. The NPC-camp, gathered around the Nyame Esthaer and including Ouai and Naldar, will be placed near this camp.

Fortress of Diversity - Feste der Vielfalt

Once Terras Avatar spoke:
"Be Elve or Orc, be Human or Troll, be Dwarf or Beast: You all are my children!"
That's why it is no wonder, that followers of all elements, descendants of all races unite on their way to the Mirrorworld to fight steadfast as the solid rock for the elements.
Everyone is welcome in this community who values the durability and variety of Terra. With experience and in friendship, both warriors, adventures, scholars and seekers of knowledge move out to fight against the Ratio - in memory of Terras Avatar. And so it echoes from the camp: “In varietate concordia – Unity in Diversity! - In Vielfalt Einigkeit!”
Further information at the Fortress of Diversity - Homepage.

The Openminded

Some say, all will doubt and fall, if they are not adamant.
Some say, you will never know the enemy, if you’re not silver.
These words keep blowing our mind. Adamant or silver, a rough question. It seems to be the only opportunity but…
A bare avowal to one path or the other? How often these are idle words. But do we need words? No my friend, we need the courage to take action.
Finally we realize that our urge for freedom of thinking, of speech and action not only fuels our power but also our conviction we need to overwhelm the primordial doubt.
We are fighting the ignorance, the dogmata and the stagnancy of ourselves, because these feed the doubt which lies in us all.
In this fight we are willing to stay our own Master, stay unbound, free to think, to speak and act. We will preserve the old knowledge we got and will obtain new knowledge we will find in this new and though ancient place. With might and magic, with sense and sensibility we all together will anchor and strengthen the power of the Elements in the world of Kelriothar and thus claim our rightful place among the other paths.
Join our campfires, laboratories and ritual places!
Join our scholars and diplomats’ debates and discussions!
Join our military structures by supporting our generals’ meetings, by listening to the fighters’ briefings, by bringing in your experience and knowledge of warfare.
Help us defeat our enemy on the battlefield. Be part of the big picture, stand by our side to hold – thinking freely - our banner against whatever storm will come over us.

For more information join us at:

The Openminded

The Family Ward

The family ward offers all Mythodea fans with kids the opportunity to enjoy the ConQuest even more stress-free. Short distances to the sanitary facilities guaranteed!

The Awakening

A faint whisper is heard all over Mithraspera; the promise of a new era. Settlers are leaving home and hearth, counts and barons laying off their titles, soldiers leaving their armies – all to join the Diaspora of Gawrok Trollfells who wanders the valleys and streams endlessly and calls all of Mithraspera is home.
"Do not lose sight of yourself, for if you do not know yourself you will not know the true enemy!
For too long intrigue and in-fighting for rank, title and land have clouded our eyes and we have lost sight of the true danger facing us. Let us stand as one." Spreading this message of unity the awakening travels the land helping where needed with a freedom bound only by the horizon.
We are true adventurers. A colourful mix of peoples of every rank and creed be it warriors, merchants, mercenaries, Bards, whores, nobles, peasants and beggars – as one – sitting together at a table. Whether in war or peace, we are wherever we are needed. We are nobody's king and nobody's servant.
We are the awakening!

We are a versatile closely knit quarter with a lot of atmosphere and a broad range of opportunities to join the plot. We facilitate very active play within the camp as well as the battlefield but also have a strong group of players solving plots. We welcome all active players and groups and are happy to involve interested beginners. To gain entry into this ward you or a representative of your group needs to register with the ward organizer at broich.da@gmx.de