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Further Events:


it took several years, to reach our full strength again, but now it's time! We travelled through many countries and have heared the call oft the Gor. To arms! The Ork Expedition Army needs you!

We offer you an Orccamp organised by players for players. No matter if you are Ork, Goblin, Troll, shady characters and those from the twilight are also welcome.

All conditions are quite simple:
You have to be 18+ years old.
You have to comply with the style guide. Of course we will gladly assist you.

It's the first time for the Orc Expedition Army (OEH) and you have the opportunity to be part of something new and great! Your own Orc-camp ar the ConQuest!

For further Information just get in contact with us, the OEH Orga-Team! or send a message We are looking forward to you!

Visit us! or send a message