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Further Events:

Retinue Banner

The Retinue Banner is in part home of all that formerly was known as "the city". In it's wards you will find vendors and craftsman, bankers, musicians, impostors, mercenaries, carneys, squallers, innkeepers, moneychangers, thieves and many more that will fill this place with life. Everything that a Large Host that goes to war needs. And everyone who is attracted by such a large host as well.
Attention: Registration to the Banner of Retinue & Guilds is strictly limited. We only allow players who are already part of the established institutions and guilds. Due to limited camping space we can not allow new concepts to grow like wildflowers.
But if you are convinced your concept idea is still missing please feel free to send us your ideas.

Why should a retinue follow this army?

An army the size of this Large Host with more than 5000 followers has lots of different needs: supplies, food, clothing and weapons on one side and a place to find some R&R on the other. For every warrior that fights, battle that is won or siege that was broken will be a round of wine, beer or mead to celebrate with!

In addition there will be dire need of craftsmen, of smiths who are willing to repair damaged weapons and armor. Of baths that help to relax one's muscles and forget the hardships of frontline duty. And there will be need of taverns to wash away everything that can't be cured or forgotten in any other way.

Why merchants & guilds?

The Large Host is far from being an organized and united army. There might be some wards or even Banners under control of a single faction but even among those common supply lines are scarce.

That's why merchants will still be crucial to the success of this war. Traders that are willing to sell a sword to replace some lost or broken weapon. A united watch that ensures order and justice in between the Banners and a court that administers justice in cases of disputes between single soldiers of separate Banners.

Last but not leas this Large Host also needs a large amount of mercenaries. Tough men and women in the hundreds who are willing for gold. Gold they will want to spend after a battle one or even a lost fight they barely survived. And what better place could those sellswords have to spend their coin than all the commodities a retinue has to offer...