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The Tribes of Mythodea

The "Blüthentaler"

A Blüthentaler can be recognized not only by his lilac-colored clothing, but above all by his interested and open-minded nature and his moral sense of responsibility. The Blüthentaler have witnessed the work of the Weltenrat, placing all their hopes in the four Weltenwächter.


The Blüthentaler are not indigenous to Mythodea, but come from a country called Menyates, which at the time has fallen victim to a severe war, involving powerful natural beings. Blüthental is the home of the Blüthentaler on Menyates, which now serves as a model for the formation of the newly founded eleventh province. The largest population of the Blüthentaler is human. In Blüthental, one wears mainly lilac and blue clothing, one eats almost no meat, but drinks for it all the more wine. Education, morality and responsibility are the basic pillars of their society.

They live a different culture from that which is common in Mythodea. However, the Blüthentaler links a long and long-forgotten story with the ancient rulers, which they have only learned in recent years thanks to a prophecy. The Blüthentaler originate directly from the ancient rulers of the city Jiratan, whose culture of the free exchange of opinion strongly influenced and still influences the Blüthentaler. In any case, culture is the most important property for the inhabitants of Blüthental. Full of humanistic virtues one can speak of a high culture.

The Blüthentaler have not only experienced the work of the Weltenrat directly, the Voice of the Weltenrat is in their ranks. In addition, because of their moral responsibility, the Blüthentaler decided to place their new home, the eleventh province, entirely at the service of the Weltenwächter and the Khalarîn. They firmly believe that the Weltenrat will lead Mythodea into a happier and safer future. They do not doubt the elements, they are just more close to the four Weltenwächter.

The Blüthentaler are a fixed-roll grouping on the ConQuest. We always look for new members! So if you are looking for an intense game in the middle of the plot on Mythodea and are not afraid of the color lilac:

Please feel free to contact us, various character concepts are possible.