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Further Events:

The Tribes of Mythodea

The Edalphi

Balanced and hospitable are the first things you learn about the wonderful tribe Magickas, and this has been since they encountered the first Settler on Mythodea. Even though they have often been considered naïve because of their young age and their love for absolute truth, they have earned a great deal of respect over the years since their discovery. You can recognize an Edalphi by their preferred colors green and gold, by their love of jewelry and their festive camp. Despite this wealth, ownership and money are rather alien to them, because the community means everything.

Edalphi, as friendly as they are to the element followers, they are so ruthlessly opposed to the forsaken elements. Before the Worldfire, they were seduced by the Ratio and fought on the side of the enemy, so they are all the more adamant, the more implacable.

Since the portal into the mirrorworld opened they have discovered that there is indeed one clan of the Edalphi that still serves the ratio and the Primordial Sceptics, that mislead, abused and cursed them. The war to come is a difficult one, for their ancestors swore never to fight against each other.

The Edalphi are on the ConQuest players of this tribe with a few fixed rolls. The group likes interested actors in their ranks, also Larp-beginners. For the Edalphi a new character has to be created, which can only be played on Mythodea.

It is true that all of the Edalphi are magical, but not all magicians: you can play warriors, diplomats, healers, messengers, craftsmen, etc. The most important thing is the desire to read  the extensive background and adapt to the internal characteristics of the tribe.

As Edalphi you have a lot of free play and get a lot from the plot, but it’s often as a supporter.

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