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Further Events:

The Tribes of Mythodea

The Empire of Khal'Hatra - The Razash' Dai, a Tribe of Ignis, born from Aeris and still searching for a place in this world.

Countless stories are being told about the young Realm of Vengeance: Rumours about fights for dominion, torture, orgies, and slavery found their way into the cities of the other realms. The women are said to wear whips blood red as a symbol of their power and their slave girls are marked by necklaces of red ropes as a sign of submission.
Both the Flames of Vengeance and the Sons of Daroth collect bloody trophies that once belonged to their enemies to attach them to their cloaks. Their whole people live in a blaze of never ending feasts to honour passion, fighting, and vengeance. In the crimson amphitheatres of the Jade Sand, they battle for dominance and control. Many among these people used to be Naldar with their hearts and souls belonging to the eternal winds but they were inflamed by Merth'yar, one of the ancient rulers of old. Engulfed by the fire their hearts now belong to Ignis alone. However, this transformation came with high costs…


Under Merth'yars rule the Razash'Dai, who call themselves Flameborn and ‘perfected Naldar’, conquered vast territories of the Naldar lands. In this bloody war that sent sisters against sisters the Razash'Dai destroyed and devastated large parts of the lands formerly claimed by the Naldar and driving out the people they were largely made of. Now, the Razash’Dai have laid waste to the outer regions while holding the central parts of the land with firm grim and renaming them Khal'Hatra.
Besides Ignis most of these people also worship Merth'yar, the fallen Mitray'Kor of vengeance, following every wish of his mystic high-priestess Aminaah, who is also Razash’Dai.

Since Merth'yar’s death, however, there are some amongst them that stand up against this cult that will surely bring destruction. They have started a rebellion to take over the realm and its people but it remains to be seen whether this uprising will reach their goals and transform Khal'hatra once again.

At this time, Khal'hatra is being ruled by the Council of Ash Dancers. Their symbol, the golden dragonfly, proudly crowns the spires of their palaces, accompanied by the scorpion of Daroth, which is the symbol claimed by the men of Khal'hatra.

Intriguingly, this new culture has also become the home of some of the Akata. Some say that the lizards are searching to replace the Lona, their sister tribe which has been destroyed. Some whisper words of hope that the Akata might be able to guide the Flameborn to some degree but the matriarchy of Kha'hatra will surely never accept anyone but themselves at the pinnacle of power.

Khal'hatra as a tribe will be played at Conquest, Chroniken, and Jenseits der Siegel with a couple of NPCs, which will provide a diverse set of concepts and challenges for both female and male players, among these fire dancers, arena fighters, bodyguards, alchemists proficient with poisons, merchants, and slaves.

If we have sparked your interest for Khal'hatra and you do not mind gameplay which is ripe with conflict please contact us through email at!