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Further Events:

The Tribes of Mythodea

The Naldar - The last of the great air Tribes walking on Mitraspera. A Tribe with a long and eventful past...

Created by the ancient rulers, extinguished by them and yet surviving the times. As messenger tribe of the high Nyame Eliar Lu So Mar, highly esteemed in Mitraspera and nearly destroyed in the Ratio war. They have survived the Worldfire and spent a thousand generations in the enclaves until the first descendants of the ancient rulers entered the soil of Mitraspera again.

In the present, the Naldar are currently failing, because of the lost war against the followers of Merth'yar. They have given up their territories, which are currently occupied by Merth'yar and his followers. Most of their troops and a considerable portion of the tribe were (and are being) killed by them.

The Naldar have now spread over Mythodea and are trying to re-structure their tribe. Most, including their remaining leaders, are now found in the kingdom of roses, the geographical center of the continent, and in Tin'Shaheen, the last of their great cities, in the southern seal.

The lost war is accepted and is not pursued by the people.

The Naldar offer an open, well-established community that introduces you into a dense tribe background, as well as the history of the continent Mythodea.

Especially for LARP-newcomers, as well as in Mythodea itself, the Naldar have a strong connection to the plot and the lively contacts to the players and thus the possibility to dive quickly into the action.

For questions, discussions and if you are interested to start into Mythodea as a Naldar: