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Further Events:

The Tribes of Mythodea

The Ouai

They were the first natives the settler encountered. On their faces they wore brown markings and they were clothed in traditional blue robes with yellow symbols on them. They welcomed the new settlers as "descendants of the ancient rulers" and introduced themselves as "Ouai". They were the ones who showed the settlers the way to repopulate the land. They observed closely and offered their advice, only from time to time they got to action themselves. From this very day, they accompany the settlers as advisers, diplomats and teachers. The same duties they once fulfilled for the ancient tribes.

They are neutral to all groups, whose loyalty lies with the elements. Their way of thinking is thereby always objective and their reactions are well-considered and calm. Their knowledge is diverse and has proven useful in several hairy situations. 
Thus, it is not surprising that they fight mainly with knowledge and words. However, hidden behind these harmless faces they are great magicians who have a deep understanding of the powers of Mitraspera. 
Ouai are scripted NPCs. Interested players are welcome in their ranks. To be able to play an Ouai, a new character has to be created, who can only be played on Mitraspera. A good memory and the willingness to study the background story of Mitraspera is equally important as the joy of imparting quests and playing a scholar as well as a magician. Furthermore good teamwork is essential. Ouais are usually found in the thick of the action. 
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