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Further Events:

The Tribes of Mythodea

The Sephor Assil

Hardly anyone would have guessed that in the second year of the campaign in the Mirrorworld there would be something else but war and suffering. Yet the settlers from the depths of Sim'Sin Karaleth's studio were able to find the last survivors of a nearly forgotten water tribe. The Sephor'Assil, once created to fight the Ratio and the Primordial Sceptics, had been captured by the insane Primordial Sceptic, they tried to destroy. After they had to endure many cruel experiments, they were put to sleep and forgotten.

Once again awakened, the children of the sea serpents are again determined to continue their war. With the help of the settlers, they were able to overcome Kelriothar's life hostility and bring about a dozen of the last of their people back to Mythodea, but their fate is still uncertain.

Too little do they know about what happened in the time of their sleep, they are too few to sustain their people, and much remains in the darkness of the past. So there seems to be no other way for them than the return to the studio, the place of their imprisonment, to explain the questions of their existence a little better.

The Sephor'Assil are a water tribe. Although they are born for life on land, their bodies change over time and the ocean calls them back. They were summoned for war on land and are ready to conduct it with all the consequences, but they still feel the virtues of Aqua before all others. They are a tribe of opposites that seeks its place in the changed world. Rooted in the ancient traditions given to them by their Creator and demanded by the necessities of a changed time, they are willing to accept help and wisdom and to offer it as well.

They are particularly well-known for their magical songs, which can be used in its highest form on the battlefield as a weapon against the magical power of the Primordial Sceptics. But also in alchemy and the healing art, they have distinguished themselves with their tincture mixers and mages. In the Mirrorworld, they have already worked together with the settlers as well as the Naldar.

A single Sephor'Assil is rarely encountered. Their strength, their wisdom, and their knowledge unfold most clearly when they are in a group and they combine their strengths and balance their weaknesses.

After the death of the oldest singer on the battlefields of the Kelriothar, it is the voice of the listening Kima, who speaks most loudly for the affairs of Sephor'Assil.