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Further Events:

The Tribes of Mythodea

The Elves and Naldarians of Tragant

The Elves of Tragant had not entered the mainland of Mitraspera for a long time after the Worldfire. Since Valandriel, the princess and heir to the throne of Tragant, has been freed after an abduction by the forsaken elements, they are again represented in increasing numbers on the campaigns into the Kelriothar and grant help for their allies.

They are accompanied by the Naldarians, a clan of the Naldar, who once moved with the Elves to Tragant and basically shares a common past with them. Now, after many years, they are celebrating a reunion with their brothers and sisters, the Naldar.

The Traganter (both Elven and Naldarians) have been represented on the ConQuest since 2014 as fixed-roles. We are looking for new players who want to join us as Elves or Naldarians. The elves of Tragant are based on the behavior and looks of typical high-elves from different fantasy worlds. Whoever wants to reinforce our ranks as an elf, should have pleasure in depicting an elf according to this model and corresponding appearance. The Naldarians are oriental in style. If you want to join our group as a Naldarian, you should not be afraid of wearing a turban.

If you are interested, please contact