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Further Events:

Visitor tickets

Visitor tickets for ConQuest:

For visitors who are interested in LARP, it is possible to purchase a visitor ticket for the ConQuest at the Fantastica Festival. The following conditions and limitations applie:

  • A medieval garment is obligatory for all. The minimum is a fitting trouser, a tunic or a medieval shirt, or skirt and blouse or a medieval dress.
  • At the checkin, there will be an introduction to the rules and behavior at LARPs.
  • It is not allowed to take photo and video cameras with you. We ask you to leave it at home or at least in the car. We reserve the right to check through our bags, possible pockets and backpacks belonging to the costume. Basically only bags, backpacks and bags are allowed on the ConQuest, which are adapted to the medieval ambience. Also children's weigh-ups and buggies must be correspondingly abolished (for example, by a jam of cotton or cloths).
  • Visitors are allowed to stay in the banner of the retinue, the stay in the camps of the players is not allowed.
  • Visitor tickets are limited (200 each day). They are available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday directly at the Fantastica Festival. Pre-booking or reservation is not possible.
  • Until 8:00 pm, all day visitors must have left the playing field again. In order to ensure this, each adult must deposit a deposit of 50, - Euro, which will be returned to him on time when he leaves in time. Minors only receive admission with their parents.

Prices Overview

The price depends on the time of entry. Earliest entry from 10:00 pm

Entry before 12:00 at noon
  • Adultes 30 €
  • Children (age 6-14) 20 €
  • Children (age 0-5) 0 €
€ 30
Entry before 03:00 pm
  • Adultes 20 €
  • Children (age 6-14) 15 €
  • Children (age 0-5) 0 €
€ 20
Entry before 06:00 pm
  • Adultes 15 €
  • Children (age 6-14) 10 €
  • Children (age 0-5) 0 €
€ 15