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Further Events:

Getting into Play

Now its starting!...but what do I have to do?


Strolling through the warcamp

Your campsite is located inside a Ward which again is part of one of the five big Banners (Explorers, Freedom, Adamant, Unity and Retinue). Every Banner has other believes, motives and objectives as well as very different playstyles and groups. In some Banners you'll find orcs, goblins or pirates - other Banners might shun such characters and rather consist of nobles and knights while even others are home to celts and vikings. The first hours of play are the perfect time to take a stroll and get connected with other groups and characters.

Have a fun (and slow) night

All the crazy stuff that happens after the start of the game is a little too much for your taste? Then we recommend a nice and cosy evening at the Red Star (Roter Stern) and the surrounding streets inside the Retinue Banner. Get a drink and listen to the bards tales and songs - Mythodea will still be waiting for you the nex morning!

What should I ask the GMs (and what not)?

You are looking for the closest toilet, shower or waste container? You need some help with the safety of your weapons or got some rules question? Then never hesitate to ask a GM for help!

But if you ask yourself "Where's the next quest?" or "Who just fought over there and who won?" please don't bother to ask. Such tales are only told WITHIN the play - best by other characters (PCs as well as NPCs) and never by a GM. 


Story & action within your banner

Every banner has at least one group of NPCs who start all kinds of storylines and quests as soon as the game is launched. Although these characters and tribes of Mythodea can not be easily recognized (they do not wear a golden questionmark over their heads) you can be sure to find them quickly if you just ask around. 

True adventure...

The real adventure does not start right in front of your own tent but outside your banner in the wilderness of Mythodea. 

There are lots of stories and small quests within every banner - but most heroics and thrills will await you outside the Great Host. At every important site you will probably encounter NPCs who can tell the tale of this place, give you some idea of the quests that need to be accomplished or might just attack you. In either case you should get the idea of what's to do there. And hopefully you wont be alone but joined by other adventurers so you can overcome all evil together. 
The first step to your adventure: