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You are going on your first LARP? Here are some Tipps and Ideas for you!

Going on a LARP - who will join?

Being part of a LARP is fun. Joining together with your friends even more so! Taking part alone is easy and no problem - but many small things will be simpler if you are already a group of 2-4 participants. 
You can share travel costs as well as a tent, cook as a group (or alternating) and most importantly - you not only have your real friends with you on this trip but also your character will have some companions for his or her first quest!


How can I contact other LARPers?


There are LARPer-Meetings in nearly every big City. If there is a Shop for Roleplay-Games just try asking there. The Internet is probably the best spot do find LARPers.
Just visit our Facebook-Pages, there you can get connected with over 7000 LARPers!

What do I need at my first LARP?

  • A place to sleep: ... inside your own tent or one you share with friends. Please note that the tent must fit our setting (no "modern" tents are allowed!). If you only have one tent and it is too modern you need to use some sort of disguise (cloth or rags). 
  • Garb / kit / costume: The clothing you need to dress the character you play. 
  • Equipment: A real costume consists of more than just clothes. You probably need a belt, some bags, a sword, shield, armour and maybe some tools... whatever you need to equip your character. 
  • Footwear: It is advisable to use sturdy hiking boots for your first event (but please try to avoide colors other than black or brown). If you want to make it a little fancy use gaiters (made of leather or cloth) to hide your modern boots. 
  • Food: You can either bring your own small grill/barbeque and stuff to put on OR bring lots of longlife foods like dried bread/milk/etc. OR buy your lunch and dinner at one of the many vendors on site (within the Retinue Banner). You can also use our market on site (not part of the play) to buy fresh meat and ingredients for your self-cooked meals. Please note: Fire may only be lit inside closed braziers / metal fire pits or barbeque-grills and never on open ground!

I don't know what I'm supposed to be!?

The first and most important rule is: be whatever you want to be. The second and almost as important rule: please consider to stay within our setting. 

Mythodea is a fantasic and medieval world. Towards the early ages there is almost no limit. Starting with early nomad cultures and continuing to the bronce or classical age and finally the Vikings - there's no background that would not fit as a sample. Towards modern times one needs to be a bit more careful. Although pirat`s pistols are allowed within our rules they are a little shunned and do no damage at all (since we want to limit gunpowder to a minimum within our world). 

The best rule of thump if a character works at ConQuest is: if your character would fit into the Lord of the Rings he or she would also be fun at ConQuest to play!

Some ideas for your first character

  • A fate struck nobleman who seeks a fresh start far from home on Mythodea. He might be able to read and write and knows how to use a sword. He may even have a profession like carographer, alchemist or even know some medicine? 
  • A craftsman or tradeswoman who follows the Great Host to offer her services and make some coin. She might be smith, paramedic or cook. 
  • A mercenary seeking the thrill of battle and silver to be paid. He would prefer to be paid for every single fight but maybe there are goods to loot? He heavily relies on his sword and armour and is always willing to spend some coine at the tavern. 
  • A scholar who is looking for knowledge and mysticism. She might have magic talents or knows the secrets of Alchemy. She hungers for all kinds of lore and wants to understand how this world and it's inhabitants fit into the greater scheme of things.