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ConQuest 2019

At Light's Edge

The Mirrorworld has been destroyed, but the war against the Forsaken still devastates Mythodea. The Worldforge is forever gone and the fate of the Mitraspera finally rests in the hands of mortals. In these times, the War Council sends the Banners to the western coast. There, at a place of ancient power and mystery, they hope to find answers to the eternal conflict between the elements.

The mysteries of the last city of the Ancient Rulers must be explored before the Forsaken can recapture the place. But the greatest secrets seem to lurk deep beneath the surface while first signs of a new and unknown enemy appear on the horizon... 

Finally, the Elements must also face the legacy of Exar Charon, the Lord of Justice. For he now demands the prize for his support in the fight against the other Primordial Sceptics and will proof whether the settlers are worthy to possess the secrets beneath Methraton Thul, the Last City of the Ancients...

Questions and answers about the setting 2019

Q: What kind of scenario can be expteded in 2019?
A: Unlike in the two previous years, there will not be such an intense siege aspect. Instead, the confrontation with the unknown, the new and the mysterious will take centre stage. But of course the constant threat from the Forsaken also plays an important role!

Q: Will there be a dungeon?
A: Yes. We plan to create the caves below the Last City and build you a dangerous playground!

Q: Who actually won in 2018?
A: A brief overview of the results and events of ConQuest 2018 can be found here or more in detail on the Blog.

Q: Will there be any changes to the Banner & Great Host structure?
A: No. The banners will remain as usual and we will continue to support the structures created by players such as the Consul Council, Banner Council and War Council.

Q: Where exactly will the ConQuest 2019 take place?
A: The ConQuest will take place on the west coast of Mythodea, in a previously unused location. The exact position will only be announced after the two spin-offs "Beyond the Seals" and "Chronicles of Mythodea", as both events are closely related to the history of the ConQuest next year.

Q: Do you have to be on the Chronicles of Mythodea or Beyond the Seals to understand the plot?
A: No, absolutely not. The two events merely tell the prologue and offer an embedding of the events in the framework campaign. For us it is important to keep the stories of Chronicles & ConQuest clearly separate in 2019 - even if they take place in the same world, of course.

Q: Do we need to build fortifications?

A: The Banners will be attacked a lot next year so some walls will defenitely be a plus. But please be aware that not all Banners have an outside border. Please confirm the situation with your ward managers in advance!

Dungeon, new enemies and mysteries of the Ancient Rulers sounds great!
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