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Further Events:

Mythodea in a nutshell

A short Overview

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The five elements (fire, earth, water, air and magic) created the world of Mythodea and the first life therein: the culture of the Ancient Rulers, who continued on to fathom the secrets of their world and even created new life themselves.
But once the Rulers had discovered and attained everything, some of them decided to outdo their creators (the elements) and thus created the Forsaken Elements which weren’t part of the original grand plan of the elements.
These Primordial Sceptics were sent into exile by the other Ancient Rulers and so they fled into the mirrorworld, their own creation, leaving behind a Mythodea where their ideas and creations lived on without them.
The students of the Primordial Sceptics and the Ancient Rulers of the Elements could not come to an agreement and so their culture was destroyed and the whole world plunged into war culminating in the burning of it completely, in an event known as „The Worldfire“.
The elements banished even their own followers and stipulated that only after a thousand generations had come and gone their heirs would be able to return and again settle in this world, thereby also facing the enemies their ancestors had created, their responsibility.
Few years later war was raging all over the world again, between the settlers and adventurers of the elements and the four great forces of the Forsaken: Black Ice, Undead Flesh, Void and Pestilence.

Kelriothar - the Mirrorworld

In the tenth year of war, the Nymaes and Archons, following the will of the elements, decided to hunt down and destroy the Primordial Sceptics, the creators of the Forsaken Elements.
The gate at the Smithy of Worlds was thrown open and an army loyal to the elements was led to the Mirrorworld of the Primordial Sceptics, a world bereft of resources and without the basic forces of the elements.
With enormous sacrifices and the power of those who in the old world had held the special friendship of the elements, the Mirrorworld can now be entered for a few days a year.
This protection will not last long so there is little time to locate and destroy the Primordial Sceptics within their world.
Mythodea - die Spiegelwelt