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Further Events:

Die Armee des Zweifels

Beyond the Worldforge...

Beyond the Worldforge, the source of all life on Mythodea, rests the dark Mirrorworld in eternal twilight. It is a forsaken world far from all Elements. Created by the Primordial Skeptics and the powers of the Ratio as an ultimate escape. But when the Seal was closed around the Worldforge their once greatest hope of freedom became their eternal prison.

Since those days the Rikan, a group of artifical beings that were created by an unnatural combination of Elements and Forsaken, stand guard on behalf of the Primordial Skeptics. They uphold the philosophical and structural ideals of their masters and govern the Mirrorworld in the name of the Lords of the Ratio. This was the beginning of the Society of Doubt.

The ancient servants of the Ratio were as diverse as numerous. Besides the Rikan and their Kan soldiers existed a number of Xerikan as well as Edalphi and Ouai which once betrayed the Elements to serve the Skeptics. Together they shaped a civilization whos major goal was to survive in a harsh, hostile and doomed world.

Above the Rikan there are only the Primordial Skeptics. How many are left is not known since they have remained hidden for many years. Instead they use their Harbingers - powerful and mystic creatures that walk in their image and speak in their name.

Now, the gate to Mitraspera has been reopened. The Worldforge can be crossed again and the Harbingers call to war. They gather the Army of Doubt to once again give meaning to a simple fact that was known throughout the world for a thousand 1000 generations: The Ratio was never defeated.


The core of the Army of doubt are the Kan-Warriors. Our Goal is the portrayal of Special Forces, who are part of a larger Army. Through their shared Ideology and harsh discipline they form fierce commando-squads who perform punctual tactics in combat. The Army of doubt is also involved in Plots and encatments apart from fighting and they act out their warrior-culture away from the battlefield.

Aside from the Kan, who are the armies backbone, there also are special units of Ouai and Edalphi for non-combatants. These descendants of the same historic people as their counterparts on Mythodea had some differences in development since they were separated 1000 generations ago. There are also the Shi'dai, responsible for the reanimation of the fallen while others deal with the feared "sekhem manipulation", a kind of magic force.

In order to play in the Army of Doubt as a warrior, a garment in the Oriental/Asian style is required, as well as a black undergarment. Further information and examples can be found in the style guide. This and other information can be found in the NPC-Portal, to which every registered NSC has access.