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Further Events:

The oily Pestilence

The Infirmity

As the settlers broke the seal that confined the Oily Pestilence, this group of the forsaken was catched by Argus and subdued right before they achieved their real strenght. And even after they have been able to free themselves a few years later from this yoke, their small number of followers walk amongst the rows of the Undead Flesh, unnoticed mostly, and always seen as weak allies

But Pestilence is a plague, that grows unseen, silent, in the very heart of Mythodea and thus gains more and more strenght every day. And as the settlers - in their hope to save Aqua - broke the chains that bound Water and Pestilence to each other, it was time for the Oily Pestilence to rise in all her gruesome glory. Since then, the children of the Pestilence eked out their place amongst the ranks of their forsaken brothers and sisters.

The NPC Group of the Oily Pestilence got a face in 2009, presenting themselves as threat on the battlefield. Since then, they have grown in numbers and established themselves among the other NPC Groups While delivering tactical help to the armies of the forsaken, the focus lies on the visual presence and especially, "Madness" is a main task to bring to the battlefields. Fighting is secondary, acting always comes first. And since the Oily Pestilence has no own tribe in the true meaning, but recrutes themselves from the ranks of the settlers and natives of Mythodea, you have nearly total freedom in presenting yourself and the design of your costume.

Our emphasis is on the socalled "Touched", that will bring fear and despair, and are lead by the Dreamwalkers. Every servant of the Pestilence is - in spite of the plague beeing a hive consciousness - an individual. And by this, should be a horrific eye-candy in his costume. Servants are spiked with symptoms of any given illness and mutations or wounds, presenting a nauseous, bizarre and fascinating view. The roles of the Oily Pestilence NPCs are laid out for Posing and Presence.


NPCs of the Pestilence should have not only teamskills, but much sense for humour and selfirony. You will not be the cool heros (like the others on the battlefield). You are the scum of the second creation. Your role tries to act out beeing ill, miserable and abhorrent, while behaving brutal, lunatic and monstrous at the same time. Nobody with his mind in order should want to come even near to you. You should induce fear, the real power of the Pestilence.


And if you want to be part of our small NPC family, just write a short e-mail to "pestilenz[at]". Further details will be then laid out by mail.