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Further Events:

The Black Ice

The Warriors of the Essence

The Black Ice is Perfection. The uncounted legions of Rakhs, led by the power of the Ottar’Khan, know only this one goal: to bring perfection to all of creation through total assimilation of all that is!

The Original Sceptics, the lords of Ratio, are more obstacle to reach this goal than even the Elements of the First Creation ever were. The aim of the Essence is clear: The totlal invasion of the world of the Original Sceptics and the destruction of all their creations.

Similar to the other NPC armies it's warriors, the Rakhs, are the core of the Black Ice!

To be able to fight as a Rakh you only need black underclothes and a SE-tabard. Due to the gracefully built army structure every Schwarm has various positions on offer: from the common Rakh up to the right hand of the Sharuhn.

Additionally the Black Ice offers several possibilities for NPCs who don’t only want to fight: mighty conjurors, powerfully eloquent enunciators of Perfection and assiduous researchers!

The enjoyment and the challenge of being Black Ice is in its representation: be part of a truly unnatural entity that knows no feelings and fights remorseless against the Imperfect.

Further details can be found in the guides in the NPC portal.

Good to know: The Black Ice was the first of the ostracized Elements that was on a freed. It’s been around for 10 years and some of the Schwärme exist as long as that. Newcomers are always welcome and can be sure that the old hands will help them out with words and deeds as well!