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Further Events:

The Undead Flesh

The Undeath is not a state of the body. It's a state of the soul!

In the four big Lairdoms of the Undead the main focus stays with the fighters, ranked into light, medium and heavy infantry and special units. Special units as bowmen occur in only one of the Lairdoms. In limited numbers there are also altering Proclamatorii (preachers), Apothecarii (alchemists and offensive mages) and Equilibrii (necromancers), which are supported by Friars and Nuns. Also well-known are the Loyals, heavy-armoured bone knights, who are always accompanied by their Squires.


As we try to enact the different classes of characters in a credible way, so special units are always bound to special guidelines and individualisation have to be agreed by the ConQuest-Team or other counterparts. Basically: No vampires, mummies, shadow-ghosts and so on. We are classical undead and we are proud of it!

The NPCs of the Undead Flesh also organize themselfes and their units in the NPC-Portal. You will get a registration-link automatically by buying the NPC-Ticket. In the NPC-Portal you will find all guidelines, tutorials, current plannings and mutual building projects. The entire ‚Undead Flesh Army Book‘ (the main guidline) is available in english!
Additional there will be a possibility within the planning year to register for a NPC-exclusive full board.