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Further Events:

What happened so far...

Since 2002 the Stories arount Mythodea develop more and more Challenges. In this Overview you can read what happened so far.

2002 - no event
During one of his great journeys to the west Paolo Armatio discovers the legendary continent of Mythodea. His loyal first mate Phileas Strongbow leads the first expedition on dry land. Paolo finds a sleeping world full of the ruins of a lost culture and a prophecy: 
It has been foretold that the heirs of the rulers of this culture should one day return to settle in this world again, but only if they would take on their inheritance.
2003 - New Order II
2004 - ConQuest - The Seal of the North
2005 - ConQuest - The Fight for the West
2006 - ConQuest - The Way South
2007 - ConQuest - The Undead Flesh rises
2008 - ConQuest - Doerchgardt
2009 - ConQuest - The City of Seals
2010 - ConQuest - Doerchgardt falls
2011 - ConQuest - The Iron Gate
2012 - ConQuest - The Great Decision
2013 - ConQuest - The Last Seal
2014 - ConQuest - The Large Host
2015 - ConQuest - The two Thrones
2016 - ConQuest - The day, the world stood still...
2017 - ConQuest - The Counterstrike
2018 - ConQuest - Mirrorworlds End
2019 - ConQuest - At the edge of Light