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The idea behind Chronicles is basically to present life and adventure on Mythodea beyond ConQuest. A big portion of the event will be action packed tactical activity drawn out over the hills, woods and meadows of Bexbach - a location that is perfect for this kind of play.

As NPCs it will be your job to defend every squareinch of it to the last man! Because you are the Forsaken and this is your world that was invaded by the elemental settlers and adventurers. We aim to include you even further into next years setting and story. How this will work out exactly can not yet be defined but we'll tell you what Forsaken parties will be present.

Further information on the Forsaken within the setting will become available after ConQuest. It's already safe to say that we will continue to depict the Last Banner as well as the Pestilence and Swarm XIV (The Watchers)

The Guardian Swarm (Black Ice)

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The Last Banner (Undead Flesh)

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Xoros Clan (Oily Pestilence )

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Viinshar (The Void)

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