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This is the camp of the unbound and those with no roots in Mythodea. Their path is not predetermined and they bend their knee for no one, be Archon, king or Nyame. But neither will they kneel for the Forsaken nor serve the Ratio.

They stand with everyone who is able to think and act on their own free will. The Elements are no strangers to them but they are not their gods. They all pursue different goals. Some are mercenaries to the bone, lusting for war and gold. Others might be adventurers searching for glory and riches. But even others are the idealists, all of them with their own vision of a better world and united in their endeavor to make it happen.Banner der Freien

From a GMs perspective: The "Banner of Freedom" is the place for all players who are already who visited Mythodea or the Mirrorworld before but are not part of one of the larger political factions.
You will find a large array of ambience play, small quests and fights that concentrate on learning more about the mysteries of our world. All the while you are free to do as you like since you have no allegiance towards anyone claiming to be "Adamant" or part of the Unity-Movement. This banner is the place to be if you still want to make a difference and influence the story on a large scale - but from the shadows and the background of events. Not bound by any moral standards, you can work towards your goals as you like.

The Banner of Freedom contains these wards:
Vagabonds and Vagrants
The Mercenary Ward*
Die Freyenmark*
Seafarer's Ward

Further wards available as requested (from 100 players upward).
*registration to these wards is limited.


Please use the Online Ward-manager (Viertelmanager) to choose the ward and specific group you want to camp in. You can also use it to either change your Banner or transfer tickets.

The Freyenmark-Ward, located within the Banner of Freedom, has it’s own website (only in German):

Kender"We walk the fine line between darkness and light, between life and death. We are the idealistic and the aimless. We are the leaders and leaderless. We are the beloved and the ailing. We are made of flesh and blood and masters of our own fate!"

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